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  1. Hooray! My email server is now listed "Good". Late yesterday afternoon I received an email from a support person at IronPort (using the support[at]senderbase.org email address). He said he recalled my original email two weeks ago, and had responded at that time, but I never received any email from them (I had even monitored my mail logs to ensure I wasn't somehow blocking their response!). He said he was responding based on my phone call to IronPort. He said that my (new-to-me) Class C had sent spam or malicious emails in the past, and that was the reason for the Poor rating. He asked some questions about how I got the Class C, etc. I responded with an email answering all his questions. About an hour ago I received another email stating that my rating had been upgraded, but warning that it would go down again should there be any spam complaints. I was away from my computer, so I just saw the email a few minutes ago. Sure enough, the rating on my mail server is now Good. So, it looks like the reason that I was initially rated Poor was due to long-past activity on the Class C before I acquired it at my new co-location facility. Based on IronPort's emails, I believe that the reason they responded was because I phoned IronPort. I surmise (just based on a hunch here) that they might basically ignore first contacts on the assumption that actual spammers would give up and look for another IP address that's easier to exploit. Only a person whose business is in danger of imploding because their customer emails cannot be delivered will continue pursuing a resolution. That's only my guess. But it does also seem consistent with technion's experience. I also wonder if senderbase people monitor this forum, and perhaps our postings here have also helped. Thank you all for your comments and suggestions, and I hope my experience will help some other wrongly-accused legitimate mail server administrators make sense of what is happening.
  2. Following up on my earlier post... My mail server is still listed at senderbase as "Poor". I too had tried joining the IronPortNation forum, but since I'm not an IronPort customer, I didn't make any headway. By the way, did you ever hear anything from your attempt to join, Wazoo? This morning I phoned IronPort (their main phone number listed on their website on the Contact page), and told the operator that I was having a problem with senderbase. She asked if I had opened a case, and I told her no. So, she took my IP address, my name, company name, email address, and phone number. She said someone would contact me within 2 hours, and I was so overjoyed that I stupidly didn't ask her for the case number. It's now been 5 hours with no response. I tried phoning again about an hour and a half ago, and got the "no one is available, please leave a message" recording. So I left a message, but of course no response yet. I am about at my wit's end! Ever since this problem started last month (when I moved my servers to a new co-location facility because the old co-lo went out of business on short notice), I presumed that the cause was the appearance of a mail server on a previously-unused IP address. I thought of trying to ask my facility if I could change IP addresses (though I shiver at the problem of renumbering my network again so soon!), but if the problem is indeed due to a mail server appearing on a new IP address, that won't solve the problem. It's still the case that my mail server IP address is not listed on any block lists. It's still the case that senderbase does not notice that my forward and reverse DNS match. It's still the case that I've not received any notices of abuse from anywhere. I can't figure out any other reason for the senderbase reputation other than the newness of this IP address. It does seems coincidental that technion's problem started about March 15. We were moving our servers to the new co-lo on March 13 and March 14, so probably the first emails from the server at the new IP would have been March 14. I'm wondering if something in the senderbase policy changed about that date? Upon careful re-reading of this thread, I noticed that technion seemed to get some relief after he sent to SB from another email account. So, I've just emailed SB from an earthlink account. Maybe that will help. Thank you all for the comments so far!
  3. Hello, Like another poster (technion), I'm aware that this isn't a senderbase forum, but I don't know where else to turn. I sent emails to support[at]senderbase.org on Mar 21 and Mar 22, and (in desperation) to dns-admin[at]ironport.com and hostmaster[at]ironport.com on Mar 23, but I've so far received no response. My (primary) email server at is listed at senderbase as "Poor", but I can find no reason for that other than my IP addresses recently changed. I run a small web hosting business (www.westryn.net). Around March 16 we moved our servers (web, email, dns, etc) to a new co-location facility, and of course we received new IP addresses. I assume that the new-to-us IP addresses were not previously in use, so when they were assigned to us their usage went from zero to a few hundred emails per day. We handle the email for our own business, plus emails generated by the websites that we host. Those emails are mainly order confirmation emails etc for e-commerce sites. We don't run any mailing lists. I believe our rating has been "Poor" since the moment that the mail server was turned on in the new facility on the new IP address, as some MTAs refused to talk to our mail server right away. We were not blocked by anyone when we were on the old IP addresses (the old mail server IP was, and you can see at senderbase that the current daily magnitude is now zero). The senderbase query doesn't show us to be on any block lists at all. I do have reverse DNS in place, the forwards and reverses match, and I control the reverse DNS zone. I don't understand why the senderbase query results don't seem to see the reverse DNS. I have abuse email addresses in place (and have had since the early 1990's), and I have registered them at abuse.net. Our hosting clients do not use us as a connectivity ISP, so they do not send their general email out through our mail server. We don't have anything except our servers on this block of IP addresses. Because of the rating, many of my outbound emails are being blocked, with log messages like this (they vary depending on the particular destination): 554 Access to this email system has been rejected due to the sending MTA's (Hostname=mail3.westryn.net IP address= poor reputation score. Your current email server reputaion can be viewed at http://www.senderbase.org/ In fact, my server monitoring software can't even send txt messages about server problems to my cell phone because the txt service has blocked my emails (I am working with the txt service to try to get our mail server whitelisted with them). I contacted AOL directly, and they have whitelisted us. But, it's obviously not practical for me to contact individually every ISP to which we or our hosting clients might send mail and ask them to whitelist us. I have not received any reports of abuse to any of my (or my clients) abuse email addresses. Can anyone please help me understand why my rating is Poor, so that I can fix the problem? Or, does anyone know of another way to contact senderbase, other than sending email to their support address? Thanks in advance for any help!