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  1. I've read through the posts. I called the Senderbase number (IronPort), but they told me I have to email Senderbase, which I did the other day. So far, they've only asked me to change a HELO value. But, from their email, they don't seem confident that will help anything. I can't believe they can't quickly see, on their end, the factor(s) giving a "Poor" rating. Relaying is not allowed, we're not any DNBL's, no malware...
  2. Well, our IP address ( is, for whatever reason, getting a "Poor" Senderbase score. Is there anything in their search results page which can explain some reason(s) for a bad score? Thanks in advance, Steve
  3. Our IP address, for whatever reasons, links to, which is what Senderbase shows. Apparently, our score went from Poor to Neutral this week so the problem's disappeared, for now. Which I checked it when our score was "Poor" so maybe I could have seen a reason for why we may have been classified as Poor! Steve
  4. Hello, I found this post when trying to find something out about Senderbase. It seems that, around the time of this original posting, we started getting blocked by a number of organizations. We finally found out that common element was the organizations use Senderbase. When I enter our IP address (, I see that our score is "Neutral", but it also shows a lot of other IP addresses that are in the IP network (we have a dedicated server with a large web hosting company), and many of those IP addresses have "Poor" scores. Are the scores from those other IP addresses affecting how organizations view our specific IP address? Thanks in advance for any assistance, Steve