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  1. Then thank you to the people who got roused out of bed at disgustingly early hours in their timezones and all the other engineers/operations people/DBAs who threw themselves at this problem and who stayed with it to the very end rock!! But, you know what? So do you Ellen!
  2. Hi Ellen, Just to clarify how I do it, I'm using Windows Vista and I simply right click on the mail, click on view message source, copy and paste it into report spam, hit send. I see now that it's down for maintenance, so I want to thank you to all for taking care of this so quickly. SpamCop admin rocks.
  3. Thanks Hawkeye, I had an idea that's what the problem was, especially after submitting tons of spam and never having this happen before. Sometimes, it's just those things that make you go hrm.
  4. Hi all, I just tried to send 3 different spam emails through and I received this error as soon as I hit the send button. "Sorry, failed to get reportid from database, will not send." I've been reporting spam for quite awhile now and have never ran into this sort of problem before. Is it a problem with the servers tonight, or could it have something to do with the senders address? I can copy the message source here if that would help. Thank you in advance for any help.