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    Outlook received header problem

    There may be a way to get this fixed with a "grass roots" effort. Ask the Spamcop users to request a Microsoft fix with a unified voice. Post the following request/instructions along with the outlook forwarding announcement and see what happens. 1) Follow this link: http://www.microsoft.com/office/community/...64-91038e3eb1e9 You will be greeted with this message: Frustrated? Got a great idea? Want to see a new feature? The Microsoft Community is a public forum where you can submit suggestions for Microsoft products and see suggestions that others have made. Community participants vote for suggestions, and Microsoft uses the votes to help prioritize features in upcoming versions. Each month, Microsoft will respond to the suggestions with the most votes. Start by entering your suggestion below. We'll search for it in the community and if your suggestion already exists, you can add your vote to it instead of posting it again. 2) Enter this suggestion: Outlook should not delete or reorder headers. 3) When asked for additional details enter something like this: Outlook 2003 and 2007 make it very difficult to trace spam messages because it reorders the received headers, which makes them untrustworthy, as well as deleting other headers including X-headers, which may lose some valuable information needed by ISPs/hosting companies. 4) And finally... ask everyone you know to post to this topic as Microsoft is promising to respond to the suggestions with the most votes.