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    Reporting account suspended

    Same happened to me, after reporting few spams with timeouts and blank response pages from Spamcop, I have received this email: My reply to this emails has been ignored for two days.
  2. I have reported my server IP, but my server is using many domain alias and when reported some of them, they are ignored. I think this is correct, but I don't want my server listed in DNSbl, so I prefeer to ask just in case. Example: My MX server name is mail.mainserver.com with IP Now, I have about 100 domains over this server configured as mail.somedomain.com with the same IP If I report to Mailhost some of my email addresses at any of this domains, spamcop detects ever mail.mainserver.com, and this is the only server added to the Mailhosts with my Spamcop email address. (No new servername or email addresses added) The reverse resolution is valid only for main domain, i.e. dig ptr resolves to mail.mainserver.com The server EHLO is also mail.mainserver.com So, if I receive a spam in me[at]somedomain.com account, when repporting, the hedears ever show: Received: from (spammer.smapcity.com []) by mail.mainserver.com (Postfix) with ESMTP... Is this correct? Can I report spam received in any domain alias of my main server?