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    Is it really doing any good?

    Is reporting spam time well spent? I have been doing this for a few weeks but I have not noticed a reduction in spam received. I can only assume that there are probably a lot more spammers on this planet than people who report spam. While spammers probably spend the whole day on finding ways to send spam, most spam reporters can only spend a few minutes to report spam because they have a job. The most frustrating thing is that I receive spam spoofed with fake email addresses from my own domain without having a way to prevent this. I wonder if anybody has an encouraging response to my question.
  2. klausm

    Possible closure of SORBS

    From my experience SORBS has been run by unprofessional, unfriendly and arrogant individuals. Some time ago the mail server of one of Australia's largest ISPs was blocked. When I received some of my emails back I followed the instructions how to request SORBS to remove the block on the IP address. I should have never followed the SORBS instructions because I only received a threatening an offensive email back with false claims that I would be running a SMTP server myself to send spam. They threatened to force my ISP to cancel my internet account because I would be abusing their services although I didn't even have a clue how to setup a mail server, nor did I have the hardware or even the provision through the ISP. When I contacted my ISP they requested me to not respond to the SORBS email because they were worried that their server would become permanently blocked. Even if SORBS staff are volunteers, I consider it absolutely inappropriate to make false accusations and to threaten the ISP just because a customer followed the SORBS instructions in a returned email. Thinking back, the whole thing might have been caused because I got one day a dynamic IP which had been previously used by a spammer but regardless of the circumstances, each case should be handled professionally without unreasonable threats to affected customers of an ISP.