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  1. A week ago, I submitted one of my email addresses to the new mailhost configuration. There is a single MX record for the domain, pointing to a single server, the message went through, and all was good. I then forwarded, as attachment, the response back to the server as directed, and shortly afterwards I got two messages back. The first said "Spamcop account configuration: error", with "Headers not found", which I believe is covered by this, however about 2 seconds later, I then got a message saying the configuration was successful. Looking in the UI showed my mailhost correctly. Why 2 messages? Today I submitted another mail account, per the documentation, and the same happened again. This time it was with a domain that has multiple MX addresses, and multiple servers. I got the error, and success messages again. Now the even worse event on the second email account being submitted. Out of the two hosts in the MX records, one showed correctly. The second showed a completely different host, which is not reflected in any of the mail headers on the messages I forwarded. In fact, the second host added isn't even hosted by the same provider, nor the same state (or in one case country) as the server involved. Did I somehow manage to hit a bug in SpamCops "randomness" validation strings which caused two hosts to have the same string? I'll leave the hosts in place if an admin wants to take a look, and I'm more than happy to forward the messages if needed to a SpamCop admin. Thanks