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    Error in the report page

    Reported. I just felt a bit accused when I read "It is an error introduced by the recipient (you) when copying or submitting email to spamcop" I did what I always did, not different.
  2. rob

    Error in the report page

    Thunderbird, and I reported a lot of messages before without problem. Yes I stil not have reported that spam.
  3. I paste here the error I read when I click on a spam reporting link: Finding links in message body Parsing text part error: couldn't parse head Message body parser requires full, accurate copy of message More information on this error.. no links found In more info I read this: I cannot emphasize enough that this is not a trick by spammers to "fool spamcop". It is an error introduced by the recipient (you) when copying or submitting email to spamcop. If you encounter this problem, please review how you submit spam to SpamCop and take corrective action. Please don't just "fix up" the headers, but actually find a way to submit them unaltered in the first place. Fixing headers by hand only introduces even more fatal errors, not to mention being a big pain. I always did what I always have done. Forward mail with full header to the address I got when subscribed. Here it is the tracking url http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z3974760216z3...92309a90cefd0ez EDIT there is also a From: not obfuscated.......
  4. It happened again another time. Tracking URL sent to Don. I have not received answer about my first mail. Maybe he is on vacantion, some other developer here? I think Spamcop does not work with this Russian spam, it is only me noticing this?
  5. It happened again. Tracking URL sent by mail to Don, the Admin. Should I send it to someone else?
  6. Hello, I have received the private message. I am using Thunderbird I select these menus: View - Headers - All and after I forward the whole spam message to Spamcop address I received (well not exactly, I usually remove attached images - now the pharmacy spam is ended but I receive a lot of Russian girls pictures searching a wallet, I mean a mate - because I am afraid my mail address is hidden inside jpeg with steganography). I always use maximized windows on my monitor. The headers are read only, not editable, in gray area (obviously). I do not think it is a wrap long lines problem, this is usually done at client side when visualizing content; even if I can not be sure, seeing the incredibly decreasing quality of Firefox successive versions (and so I guess Thunderbird). Anyway if it is really a word wrap problem, it is a parsing issue on the Spamcop side. Just detect space comma tab CR LF and so on as address separator, I guess I could suggest. I have not visited this forum since my original message because the original problem did not occur anymore. I have only notice the "To:" in spam reports lost the angle brackets (I do not know name in English): before there was "To: <x>" now I see always "To: x". I thought it was some new modification. This is all, if needed other info just ask. (I know now what is tracking URL, I just never gave it importance, I thought after signaling spam my task would be finished. I do not log anymore even in Spamcop site to report, I just use link in the mail I receive from Spamcop, because I do not see why I should log in, I do not care increasing my counter or similar stuff. Besides, if I report a spam from my real mail address, you should already know who I am without me logging.)
  7. Ok I will do it, but I ask again the headers can be useful? can I send to your mail the headers?
  8. Ok I have found it in past days so it is lost now. I have copied in a text file the headers of the message just under it. Are not they useful now?
  9. I do not know what is tracking URL, but I have saved the headers or the original message as it is visualized in web page when I press the report link. Can I post it there? Even if in it they are present the real mail addresses of unknown people? (the problem I am asking here about). Or I can send it to you using Private Message?
  10. Hi have just noticed a problem in reporting spam. When there are multiple addresses in the to field. only the first is hidden, the others are plain clear. This could be a problem if the recipient of the complaint is accomplice with the spammer. Please someone correct this. I do not send anymore reports when I notice this.
  11. rob

    Is it really doing any good?

    Hi I discovered this service because it was hig on Google result search. It is weeks I am forwarding spam to Spamcop using the link I got from web site, and after I go in that site and I press the Report Now button. But the spam continues as before, I would ask if this is useful and when I will see some result. Thanks.