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  1. The suggested routing for is totally incorrect. From http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z5390890683z1...52771b724c45a3z The routing should be as per Afrinic:
  2. After having read all the previous valid comments, maybe they should remove this type of junk: hxxp:// tradeeverest . com / - typical 419 spam mailer! If all the mails get channeled via common SMTP server, take a guess what's going to happen? Exactly what we are seeing what the OP complains about. Seems like this one may also use Godaddy: hxxp:// erpa.co /xmlrpc.php And another: hxxp:// faithhappenings.org / etc etc As long as these exist, you have no hope of Godaddy ever getting off blacklists.
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    In recent activities related to email abuse and fraud, I've been digging into PHP-Mailers floating about on the net. Quite amazing at what you can find by just searching on phrases found, even a mailer sitting at a leading German hosting company for 116 days! http : // mailer . leadhoster . com/ Recycling "mailer.leadhoster.com" in Google and following those shows the war has just begun.
  4. Thank you Farelf. Indeed, it seems you hit the nail on the head
  5. spam link: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z5355407331z8...e04d869163c4f5z Here we have part of a bigger issue of of 419 scammers using free VPN providers to hide their tracks from LE. However in reporting these, I have noticed that the parser does not normally follow through to the source: The parser stops at Yahoo, reporting this to Yahoo. However in the usage of these, that is pretty useless as these issue is nLayer in this case (and most likely AnchorFree downstream) where the scammers are using disposable Yahoo email addresses to spoof banks, lottos, governments etc. This issue also crops up when EgiHosting's services are used (where AnchorFree also has VPNs). Once in a while the parser may track it all the way back, but this is rare.
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    Yahoo stopped taking spam reports

    To add to the global internet user's misery, I've noticed the Yahoo-Yahoo boys are back on Yahoo in force. I guess they go where they are tolerated. I just happened to win the exact same UK lottery prize today on the exact same ticket number as my mother-in-law, also today. Go figure ... Compliments of: X-SOURCE-IP: []