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    Senderbase listing, trying to make sense of it

    Hello, I too have been working thru some senderbase issues... the site had the company I work for flagged as "POOR". I think that we may have had a few spam eMails go out, but it was resolved. during this time, try and eMail the support address, and also email them from a secondary account. As far as getting someone from senderbase to actually call you, this is possible.... we do not have the ironport/senderbase product, but I spoke to by cisco rep about this issue and a senderbase.org supervisor called me within 1 hour. This senderbase system is pretty hands off, and does take time to build your reputation back up, kind of like a credit score... if you want to get eMail's flowing as soon as possible, first fix the problem, then simply change your sending ip (if this is possible). I do know that customers that have ironport can make exceptions for sites, if you can get to the remote person that manages ironport for a company that is blocking you have them add your ip. like some of the other posters stated, I don't blame senderbase for flagging my site, but I do blame them for holding me hostage and not giving me any clear direction or information, stating that I must call someone else's isp is simply stupid. senderbase has alot of tools and can give you information, here is something they sent me: Sophos Anti-Virus Positive Rate Low – Means reporting rate of viruses from this IP is low (compared to none, medium, and high) IPAS Positive High – Means reporting rate of spam from this IP is high (compared to none, low, medium) SpamCop Trap Rate Max – Means that this IP had sent some messages to spam traps I also noticed that you need to make sure your PRT record for your domain is correct as well.