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    Reporting adresses

    Thank you all and JeffG! I will try this! []'s Alfredo
  2. alfredo

    Reporting adresses

    Yes this is correct and you see on the bottom: Mail abuse issues should also be addressed to mail-abuse[at]nic.br. NIC BR and Embratel does not send the spamcop message to us and if they send, is too late. If spamcop sent the messages to: renatec[at]RENATEC.COM.BR or dir[at]POCOS-NET.COM.BR that are the registred addresses will be great, then the message will be redirected to me by these persons, but the ideal is: abuse[at]pocos-net.com.br
  3. alfredo

    Reporting adresses

    Hi! The IP that I used to post is or The "Trace IP" option from spamcop (for our main mail server) tells: Parsing input: host = mail01.pocos-net.com.br (cached) Reporting addresses: mail-abuse[at]nic.br abuse[at]embratel.net.br ------------- I want to add abuse[at]pocos-net.com.br or admin[at]pocos-net.com.br or postmaster or dir[at]pocos-net.com.br, that are adresses on SOA record of this domain and on my registry contacts on registro.br Thanks !
  4. alfredo

    Reporting adresses

    Hi! Sorry my bad english: Where spamcop get the reporting addresses when a people from my networks send a spam? The reporting adresses listed are incorrect. The correct address already are on whois.registro.br and on my SOA zone. The spam advise now is sent to nic br and to embratel (a company that sells internet links on brasil), not to my ISP and I only know that my network is in spamcop when we are blocked. Thanks!