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    Anti-Virus / Firewall

    AVG and Avast are presently the safest and modulated antivirus programs. There is no harm by leaving them running behind
  2. Maricela Varano

    Portable applications

    Hm! nice site. many of sites offers free viruses and spywares but I am glad that this one is completely safe
  3. Maricela Varano

    SSL Certificate Faked

    Oh thanks. Actually my firefox is too showing sometimes that SSL Certificate is not valid for some sites. isnt it cool?
  4. Maricela Varano

    Firefox exploit patched

    is firefox crash possible due to this update? I am having so much of troubles. firefox is getting crashed in every 5 mins!
  5. Maricela Varano

    Windows Live Hotmail change

    hi, are you sure this email has been sent from authorized hotmail? I mean now a days there are many hackers moving here and there and mailing fakes for seeking passwords.