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    Increase amount of spam

    One size does not necessarily fit all. Some people prefer to check the RBL as part of a decision to reject incoming mail outright and risk missing legitimate email, others prefer to move incoming mail from a listed IP address to a "junk" or "spam" folder so that recipients know to use extra care when opening or viewing the mail.
  2. lisati

    SpamCop and Thunderbord plug in

    That's a shame. Looks like for now, I'll have to avoid uninstalling the copy I have of a plugin I've found quite useful.
  3. lisati

    SpamCop and Thunderbord plug in

    I'm using 38.3.0 of TB too. I installed the Habul extension v 1.20.0 some time ago, and have had more than one automatic update to TB in the meantime. No idea why the plugin seems to have disappeared....
  4. lisati

    SpamCop and Thunderbord plug in

    I use the Habul plugin with Thunderbird and have found it quite useful.
  5. lisati

    My pet spammer doesn't bulge

    Keep on reporting! One thing to keep in mind is that the "From" header, together with a couple of others, such as "Reply-To:", are notoriously unreliable as clues to the true origin of an unwanted email. The reason for this is that they are easily forged. This might be done for a number of reasons, including lulling you into a false sense of security by masquerading as someone you might trust, or to divert attention away from the real sender.
  6. It looks like a misplaced "www" in the email address to me, I'd suggest resending to httpconfig[at]admin.spamcop.net (without the www). As someone who doesn't have the necessary admin access to the server, there's not a lot I can do to fix the error, even if I did have the requisite knowledge.
  7. LOL! I haven't seen a meter that takes coins, let alone shillings, for many years! (Prepaid/pay-as-you-go meters in my area are very different these days.)
  8. All the spam I've reported today seems to have been processed. I took a look at the graph for the stats - there seems to have been a lull, followed by a spike and what looks like a return to near normal.
  9. Each forum you might to want to log in to uses its own rules for deciding who can log in, having a valid user name and password is just one part of the process the forum owner can use. Some forum owners might choose to check services such as SpamCop or StopForumSpam, others don't. In the case of SpamCop, it usually takes more than one report from more than one person before there is an entry in the blacklist that a forum owner might use as part of their decision to say, "Not Today, Thanks!" If a forum blocks a particular IP address, there's also a chance that the forum owner has made a decision based on some information from source other than SpamCop.
  10. lisati

    reporting not works

    Can we assume that your problems have been solved?
  11. lisati

    reporting not works

    Some more information would be useful. Are you saying that you're still receiving spam, or are you having trouble reporting spam?
  12. lisati

    mail server in block list

    Sorry, but this is the SPAMCOP discussion form. We can't help with removal from APEWS. Please see the information here: http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/topic/13802-apews-removal/
  13. I just had a look at my ISP provided account, which uses Yahoo, via webmail. I see what you mean! I ended up with a blank page too. I generally use my email client (Thunderbird) to forward spam as an attachment, but this might not be an option for everyone. I'm not sure of the current options, but there was a time when only paid users (and a handful of others according to criteria I could never fathom) could use POP or IMAP access to Yahoo.
  14. lisati

    R.I.P. Farelf

    Likewise with me. His wisdom will be missed here and elsewhere.
  15. AHBL is blocking everyone because they've closed the list down.....
  16. Speaking of Yahoo, it seems that I'm fortunate to be able to use POP or IMAP access for Yahoo accounts without paying a fee, so I can forward the complete emails as attachments from within Thunderbird. Part of this could be because my ISP, in its infinite wisdom, has chosen Yahoo as their provider, even though there have been problems over the years.
  17. lisati

    never ending story-spam

    One thing I've noticed however is that Yahoo sometimes chokes with that email address, and sometimes reports "No A or MX records" for the domain uce.gov. Although it's a nuisance, it's easy enough to (re)send reports via another provider.
  18. I agree. There's a good amount of knowledge, experience and wisdom to be found here in this forum. My opinion of the situation can be summarised in one word: Yahoo. I've never been a big fan of Yahoo, for various reasons, including the problems that get reported in this forum from time to time in this forum. I think I'll wander off in search of a coffee before I type something that would contribute to me being kicked off....
  19. lisati

    [Resolved] yahoo problems cant find headers

    Yahoo made some changes quite a while back, and if I recall correctly, several users of the Spamcop reporting service (including myself) were affected in a similar fashion. My recollection of the explanation and "solution" is a bit hazy.
  20. lisati

    Spamcop listings types

    Have a look here: https://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/297.html
  21. lisati

    Head line at Spamcop

    I occasionally see warnings about the size of a message when manually submitting reports through the web form. The system usually gives me the option of truncating large messages when this happens. That's what I thought, and where correct "mailhost" setup can help avoid some of the problems that turn up.
  22. lisati

    Head line at Spamcop

    Agreed that checking your mailhosts setup is a good idea. Providing a tracking URL could help us know what the parser is seeing. Probably a relatively minor detail, but I'm wondering about the "Received-SPF:" header. What I'm seeing could be a side-effect of the copy/paste process: the word "does" on the second line of that header looks to me as if it should be indented.
  23. An afterthought (it's hard to focus on providing a useful answer when the lady of the house wants to talk about the weekly trip to the supermarket). The documentation for Postfix has a section on blocking backscatter with forged server details that might be easier to adapt to something useful here. For more information, see http://www.postfix.org/BACKSCATTER_README.html#forged_helo
  24. The HELO information is not a reliable indicator of the true origin of an email. As is the case with "From:" headers, the HELO information is easily forged by malware and rogues. Rather than reject outright for one particular host, you might want to look into how credible the HELO info is when compared with, for example, the rDNS, and use that as part of your decision to reject or accept mail.
  25. lisati

    wrongly parsed header?

    Good point. The way I interpret the headers you quoted in your first post, your server enters the picture with the line that begins "Received: from onhu (unknown [])" Must be lunch time, at least in the timezone I'm in at the moment. All the best getting things sorted out.