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    wrongly parsed header?

    Not necessarily: it's the Received lines inserted by other servers that are hearsay. When I was running my own email server a couple of years ago, I used a combination of Postfix, Amavis, Clamav, and Spamassasin. It was normal for my server to add Received headers as the different processes passed the email around themselves. Barring configuration problems and mistakes, you can usually trust the headers inserted by your server, and skip over them to locate the header which identifies the email entering your system: it's difficult for the other server to forge or fake the IP address it uses to connect to yours. (Note: rDNS and hostnames are a different story.) Any header after that needs a degree of caution: what use you make of the information it contains depends on how much you trust the other person's server.
  2. lisati

    Contact to ahbl.org

    AHBL, which has nothing to do with Spamcop, has closed down. If your mail is getting bounced because of what looks like a listing there, you'll have to contact the intended recipient of your email another way until their email provider wises up and fixes their filtering.
  3. lisati

    wrongly parsed header?

    Looks more-or-less correct to me too, similar to what I saw on incoming emails when I ran my own email server a couple of years ago, with greylisting, malware scanning and assessment via spamassasin.
  4. This is the SPAMCOP discussion forum, Please read the APEWS FAQ.and pay particular attention to questions 41 and 36
  5. I've seen this myself on more than one occasion, with not being able to log in to my reporting account. but thankfully not for about a month. I haven't managed to figure out a pattern yet, beyond waiting a while and trying again. The last time I had to wait a couple of days. EDIT: For the record, I don't use Mailwasher.
  6. lisati

    nomaster devnull

    Hello lartingyou. Unfortunately many users of this forum won't be able to view the reports you linked to, I was given "Sorry, you are not authorized to view this message." What some of us would find more useful are the tracking links that are shown when manually reporting spam rather than links to the actual reports.
  7. lisati

    Commercial 'search' spam?

    My brain hurts! I might wander off and get myself some dihydro-monoxide.
  8. lisati

    Commercial 'search' spam?

    There are multiple ways that those who send spam can get hold of someone's email address, without the need to spy on you. A Google search on the terms "How dod the spammer get my email address" will provide a number of interesting and useful links. I remember the first phishing attempt I received several years ago. It claimed to be from a bank that I'd had an account with a couple of years earlier. A number of things alerted me to it being a fraud. For starters, the account had been closed for some time, and I'd never used internet banking with them. I staill receive occasional emails claiming to be from another bank with which I've had an account in the past. No matter how cleverly a spammer or scammer fakes an email from an organization there will ALWAYS be some clue that something's not right. For example, an email claiming to be from a legitimate and well established business or organization will almost certainly NOT come from a gmail.com email address. I'm sure I don't need to regurgitate the usual safety precautions here, such as clearing browser caches and history from time to time, and never clicking on the links in a suspicious email.
  9. [at]Smed79: I'm not sure from what has been shared here if it's the notification that your account was disabled that you're referring to, or if it's something going wrong with your use of the reporting service. If you're referring to the notification email going AWOL, have you taken a look in your junk/spam folder? Some providers (e.g. gmail) sometimes move notifications from Spamcop to the spam folder. Are you checking the correct email account? Some of the rules and guidelines for using the reporting service can be found here: https://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/64.html I wish you well in finding a satisfactory resolution.
  10. A quick question, just in case someone finds this thread and gets confused. Does this restriction apply only to the email client Outlook, or does it refer to people with an outlook [dot] com email address as well?
  11. lisati

    history on blacklisted ip ranges

    Although not a direct history of reports you might also find some of the information provided by http://www.senderbase.org/lookup/ interesting.
  12. Hmmmm, interesting..... multirbl.valli.org's checker shows the IP address as listed, with a comment about "Sender has sent to LashBack Unsubscribe Probe accounts" I'm not quite sure what that means or what the solution is.
  13. Having accumulated several Yahoo-based email accounts over the years, one of which is one provided by my ISP, I generally find it more convenient to download my mail with Thunderbird and forward the dodgy stuff from there. The main catch is that Yahoo seems to be allergic to receiving reports via their abuse[at] email address which has an annoying habit of sending an autoresponse recommending the use of a "report spam" button that isn't found in everyone's email software.
  14. lisati

    yahoo header problem

    Speaking of Squirrelmail, when I was running my own server a few years ago, I happened on a plugin which was configurable to be able to report spam with a single click. It has been a couple of years since I've used it, so I can't remember the name (my server box died and I haven't got round to replacing it yet.)
  15. lisati

    What is Knujon On About?

    Possibly this: http://mail.spamcop.net/news.php
  16. Nicely said. They might want to fix whatever it is that messes with the headers that often make it look like someone is trying to hide something. Far too often I've seen Received lines which look like a cross between an internal hand-off (i.e. Received from and a record of receiving the message from an machine outside their network. There's probably useful information to be gleaned from such a header, but its trustworthiness is dubious.
  17. As I see it, there are at least two possible avenues of investigation. The first is the headers of the bounce message should give you some clues as to the identity of the machine that issued the non-delivery report. This will help you alert the admin of that system that there might be a problem. The other is to examine the headers of the message that was bounced. This assumes that the bounced message (or at least enough of it to be of some value) is is included in the non-delivery report, possibly as an attachment. Caution: Be aware of the possibility of malware; take care how you choose to examine any attachments that come with the bounce message. When it comes to reporting the spam, I'd be inclined to report the bounce message rather than the message that was bounced. You choose what arrives in your inbox. spam that is directed to someone else is their problem.
  18. lisati

    Big LIR Spammer

    <side note> The only SSNet I know of is a religious organization based in the USA. edit: probably not the shared hosting company mentioned in previous posts in this thread. </side note>
  19. lisati

    Medic Canada

    To add to what the others have said, sometimes spammers even get lucky by correctly guessing your email address when generating "random" lists of email addresses. Spammers don't care that you might not be interested in the content of the spam they send out or that they've inconvenienced innocent bystanders by using names and email addresses without proper consent: all they're interested in is sending their rubbish.
  20. Spamcop has no connection with or control over the APEWS list. Please read the APEWS FAQ and pay particular attention to Q36 and Q41
  21. lisati

    SpamCop Access and Performance Issues

    I didn't notice at first either.
  22. lisati

    SpamCop Access and Performance Issues

    Come to think of it, I remember getting the equivalent of $15 credit, which has now been used. Much appreciated.
  23. lisati

    Yahoo Headers

    I have no idea what processes Yahoo currently use to filter email. There have times when my personal preference would be to reject a particular email outright rather than redirecting it to a spam/junk folder. The decision to do so can be influenced by the presence of the sending machine's IP address in Spamcop or someone else's blacklist. Trouble is, there is no "one size fits all" solution; one man's junk is another man's treasure. It's one thing for me to design a spam filter for a server that I run myself for my own benefit, but my own preferences might not suit others if my efforts were applied to a system with a user base the size of Yahoo. No apology needed.