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  1. Not exactly. "Mailhosts setup" refers to a way of helping the Spamcop reporting system correctly analyse the messages you report. From http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/397.html
  2. My $0.02 worth, which is open to correction from better informed contributors to this site, is that IP addresses 10.x.x.x are commonly used on local networks.
  3. When I looked up IP address it wasn't listed on Spamcop's list, but it was listed on the dnsbl-1.uceprotect.net list. Their lookup page mentions that the IP address had tried to deliver mail to spamtraps. If what the uceprotect folks have reported is correct, this is something that will need to be investigated. Spamcop doesn't actually block mail, it's usually the recipient's email provider who blocks email. It's possible that the server that has blocked your email has taken a look at the received header lines in the incoming email, and identified your server as one of the systems through which the blocked email has passed. (Blocking mail on the basis of received headers other than the most recent one is something that makes me mildly uneasy, but that's another issue.) edit: it looks like you discovered the Uceprotect listing before I submitted my reply. My advice is to save your money, seeing as an automatic delisting will happen in a few days.
  4. lisati

    Why am I blocked?

    Good call. My parting shot here is that hits on spamtraps isn't a good sign, particularly if there have been many removal requests without the cause being addressed. I'm sure there are people here who can give the OP some good advice should they choose to return.
  5. lisati

    Why am I blocked?

    Just a note from a casual observer, seems to be listed on the SCBL again. This is what I see on the lookup page: Similarly, on the uceprotect.net lookup page:
  6. lisati

    Why am I blocked?

    The bad news is that your IP address is also listed on another blacklist. The good news is that the solution for getting your listing removed for good from the SpamCop list should help with removal from the other list. There should be a link to one of SpamCop's web pages included in the bounce messages; checking that page can help you identify the problem. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.
  7. lisati

    ESP has blocked my client's account!

    To add to what others have been said, there might be a clue in bounce message. Some email providers are better than others at providing the information you need to track down which particular IP address triggered the rejection of an email (and why). At the very least, they should have provided the IP address that is supposedly listed in Spamcop's list. If ths is case, you will be able to use online tools to find out its current status and hopefully an explanation of what's going on. The relevant web page for the spamcop list is http://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml
  8. lisati

    Blocked by spamcop.net

    The IP address doesn't appear to be currently listed in the Spamcop list - it might have been removed since you posted your request for help. It does, however, appear to be on several other lists. There should be a link to the Spamcop lookup page in the bounce message.
  9. <side note begins> Hmmmm..... the copy of Thunderbird I use has options for both "Forward" and "Forward as" <side note ends>
  10. *sigh* Spamcop is NOT Apews. Please read http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=13802
  11. lisati

    HTTPs for SpamCop sign in

    The only sure-fire method I know of for ensuring security of any particular machine is to disconnect it completely from the outside world. Sadly this probably would probably hinder our reporting efforts more than helping them.
  12. lisati

    Could the spam graph be made to work?

    Ah, yes, that sounds like what I had noticed but in my bumbling way, I didn't express it quite so eloquently.
  13. lisati

    Could the spam graph be made to work?

    What I've been noticing is that the stats graph on the forum doesn't match that viewable via the "statistics" tab of the reporting page. Doesn't worry me too much, as long as we're able to make some kind of difference by reporting spam for consideration by whoever gets to see it.
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    Good suggestion, but do people read stickies? I've seen many requests for help with removal from APEWS on the WhatIsMyIpAddress forum even though it's covered in an announcement there.
  15. lisati

    Internet Business killer of 2013

    Content inspection, at best, only lets you know that the message MIGHT be spam. One man's junk is another man's treasure. Blocking works best if you are able to do it during the SMTP dialog, i.e. while the message is still being delivered. Content inspection often requires the acceptance of an email by the email server. If for some reason the content filter decides that a particular message is spam, the filter is left with the task of figuring out what to do with the offending message. Because the "From" headers and other such details are commonly forged, blindly firing off a rejection message risks contributing to the spam problem by annoying innocent third parties. On the other hand, if the offending message is redirected to a spam folder, it isn't really blocked. In short, content filtering is only one of the options available to an email provider. On its own, it won't suit everyone's needs. Personally, i'd rather not have to periodically review a spam folder.
  16. lisati

    ISP won't take action against spammer?

    It's usually best if any kind of bounce or reject action you take is done during the SMTP process, before it's accepted by the recipient's provider. That way, it remains the problem of the machine trying to deliver the message, and you don't have the task of figuring out which, if any, of the sender credentials are reliable.
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    Laws (and enforcability) can vary in different locations. Does the following link count? http://www.legislation.govt.nz/act/public/.../DLM405134.html
  18. Er, respectful *cough*: this is the SPAMCOP forum, not the APEWS forum. As far as I know, (1) APEWS has no direct connection with the services offered by Spamcop, and (2) not many (if any) email providers use the APEWS lists as the basis for blocking email.
  19. lisati

    listed 2 domains

    I did a quick check, and the only listings I could find for the mentioned IP addresses were on other blacklists that don't have anything to do with spamcop.
  20. This morning the bounce flag on my reporting account was unexpectedly set on more than one occasion, the message was as follows (email address munged): So far my troubleshooting efforts have revealed no clues from my server's logs, not even any sign of a rejected message claiming to be from spamcop. Some auto-replies have made it through to me after resetting the bounce flag and submitting new spam. Is there anything else I should be looking for?
  21. lisati

    About 3 days with almost no spam....

    Maybe so: just as I was beginning to enjoy getting on my ISP's case about how most of the spam I was getting each day could easily be blocked by careful and cosidered use of DNSBL technology, which they seemed to be telling me wasn't feasible. The volume I've been seeing has dropped from 50+ each day to less than 5.
  22. lisati

    Am I doing this right?

    Something doesn't look right to me about that bounce message. If I have read it correctly, the machine rejecting the email has attributed its blocking an email address to a listing in spamcop. The last time I checked, spamcop lists IP addresses, not email addresses.
  23. The fact that Yahoo is mentioned in this thread speaks volumes to me - their approach to handling spam reports (and spam in general) is one of those mysteries that I have yet to fathom. But I digress....... Perhaps the best approach for now, as someone else has suggested, is to submit the email in question through the web form rather than by email.
  24. lisati

    SpamCopy creating duplicate reports?

    That makes sense to me, it could be a glitch related to the update. The other day, about the time the tech team were working on the update, I flicked through a couple of dollars to support Spamcop which was quickly eaten up by over 1000 emails which "magically" appeared in my queue of ureported email.
  25. lisati

    Is it just me....

    I sometimes get disheartened too, particularly when my ISP seems to be saying there's nothing they can do to block spam. (They use Yahoo, need I say more?) I'll keep up with the reporting.