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  1. Thank you for taking a look.
  2. Apologies for the delay replying, will do....
  3. Further information after an informal test. I took the following steps to try to get a picture of what's going on: Forward a previously reported spam as an attachment as usual Wait for the autoresponder to come in on the Spamcop webpage, click on "report now" Fill in a note and hit "cancel" get "reports cancelled message" as expected wait a few moments refressh page Somewhere in the process something got set and I got the previously mentioned error message.
  4. The message I got was on the spamcop website, not in an email.....
  5. lisati


    Thanks for the answers; sometimes updating code to reflect changes due to circumstances beyond one's control is a pain in the <i>whereever</i>.
  6. lisati


    A quick question. I noticed this morning when reporting some spam, that Spamcop appeared to be consulting NJABL. I thought they were in the process of shutting down, which seems to be confirmed on their website. Did I blink and miss something?
  7. ....or creates fake bounces.
  8. lisati

    The Republic of Belarus

    Port 22? That's usualy used for SSH, with port 25 for mail, isn't it?
  9. lisati

    spam originating from volumedrive.com

    Nicely said. Pretty much the same thing can be said about a similar feature I once saw on the Incredimail client. It's one of those things which has a certain superficial appeal, but which shouldn't be used indiscriminately, if at all.
  10. lisati

    The Republic of Belarus

    For me it has been what appears to be a botnet using compromised machines in China.
  11. Yet another: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z5491927430z3...b9c90fc92b7b8dz And yes, the destination mailserver is on my mailhost list. edit: I'm wondering if the "content-type" header appearing just before the Date header is tripping up the parser. It shouldn't. but.......
  12. You might want to check the mailhost settings for your reporting account, and, if necessary, add the email address that received the email you are reporting. This will help the parser know which Received headers belong to your email provider's system and which belong to the (adjectives deleted) who send the email.
  13. lisati

    [Resolved] Server Status

    I'm penciling in "glitch" - about 13 hours ago, my server accepted an email that was delivered by one of Spamcop's servers, but didn't make any sense: no sign in my email logs of any outgoing mail that could have triggered it.
  14. lisati

    Recent increase in Chinese spam

    Most of "my" spam comes via Yahoo accounts that I've got forwarded to my server. Rejecting mail that arrives via one of Yahoo's servers is easy enough; adding a check of the purported sender's address against a local whitelist isn't that difficult either.
  15. It's possible that it's related: I heard that Spamhaus runs the cbl list now.
  16. They've had information on the Spamhaus website for over a week now. http://www.spamhaus.org/news/article/694/d...date-march-2013 http://www.spamhaus.org/news/article/695/a...ack-on-spamhaus
  17. I think I blinked and missed something: my understanding of Spamhaus's DBL list is that it isn't for checking IP addresses but for checking domain names.
  18. I wish to confirm that it gives me the "no date" message as well.
  19. lisati

    This email contains no date

    As an aside, GMX has made it to my radar. Occasionally mail from their users has run foul of a FCrDNS test I used to have on my email server.
  20. lisati

    Where did this email come from?

    I agree that it could have started as a problem with a "hacked" Yahoo account. In recent mont months I've encountered news items about both BT (British Telecom) and Telecom New Zealand customers experiencing problems with their accounts - both ISPs use Yahoo.
  21. lisati

    When SpamCop cannot find spammer

    I'm not sure what options (if any) are viable for "helping" spamcop when it can't find a suitahle reporting address. Having said that, don't panic! If Spamcop receives sufficient reports from different people to trigger a lising, then that's a good start towards helping others slow the flow of the spam.
  22. lisati

    Help, is my email address defind as spam?

    The Yahoo issues BT are investigating are not confined to BT. The ISP I use half a world away also uses Yahoo, and in recent months issues with Yahoo have resulted in several thousand grumpy customers who have been forced to change their email password. The sad thing is that the problems are nothing new, but that's probably a discussion in itself. I concur with an earlier suggestion: see if you can see a copy of one of your junked messages, to see if the headers provide some sort of clue.
  23. lisati

    Internet Business killer of 2013

    It's not Spamcop that's blocking your email, that's not how they work. It's far more likely that your business contacts' email providers check for a listing in Spamcop's database, and have discovered that your email provider's system is listed. If this is the case, you need to get on the case of your email provider for allowing spammers to misuse their services. You are paying your email provider good money to provide a service to you, and you are not getting the service that you are paying for. A properly formatted non-delivery report where an email is rejected based on a Spamcop listing will have a link to a page on Spamcop's website where there will be an explanation of why there is a listing, and give you some pointers on what you can do about it.
  24. lisati

    Preventing spam on URL shorteners

    Have you looked at cbl.abuseat.org?
  25. lisati

    Back dated spam

    My best guess at the moment is that there was a lot of email for Google to process, which took them a long time to get through. Even then, five days does seem a long time.