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    When SpamCop cannot find spammer

    I'm not sure what options (if any) are viable for "helping" spamcop when it can't find a suitahle reporting address. Having said that, don't panic! If Spamcop receives sufficient reports from different people to trigger a lising, then that's a good start towards helping others slow the flow of the spam.
  2. lisati

    Help, is my email address defind as spam?

    The Yahoo issues BT are investigating are not confined to BT. The ISP I use half a world away also uses Yahoo, and in recent months issues with Yahoo have resulted in several thousand grumpy customers who have been forced to change their email password. The sad thing is that the problems are nothing new, but that's probably a discussion in itself. I concur with an earlier suggestion: see if you can see a copy of one of your junked messages, to see if the headers provide some sort of clue.
  3. lisati

    Internet Business killer of 2013

    It's not Spamcop that's blocking your email, that's not how they work. It's far more likely that your business contacts' email providers check for a listing in Spamcop's database, and have discovered that your email provider's system is listed. If this is the case, you need to get on the case of your email provider for allowing spammers to misuse their services. You are paying your email provider good money to provide a service to you, and you are not getting the service that you are paying for. A properly formatted non-delivery report where an email is rejected based on a Spamcop listing will have a link to a page on Spamcop's website where there will be an explanation of why there is a listing, and give you some pointers on what you can do about it.
  4. lisati

    Preventing spam on URL shorteners

    Have you looked at cbl.abuseat.org?
  5. lisati

    Back dated spam

    My best guess at the moment is that there was a lot of email for Google to process, which took them a long time to get through. Even then, five days does seem a long time.
  6. lisati

    spam from Google Groups

    The email they sent you looks to me as if someone subscribed you to their list. If so, did they do so with your permission?
  7. lisati

    Redirect Joe-job?

    ... please don't get me started on Yahoo! I pretty much gave up on Yahoo several years ago. The solution I decided on for my own particular set of issues with Yahoo was to set up my own email server, and configure what amounts to a blanket ban on mail arriving from/via Yahoo. (Mail from legitimate sources that happen to come via Yahoo is fairly easily arranged via whitelisting.)
  8. lisati

    spam from Google Groups

    +1 Buried in the headers of "reputable" mailing lists, e.g. Google groups, Yahoo groups, there's often headers with unsubscribe information. Sadly, the usefulness of said headers can vary.
  9. The thing I've noticed about phishing efforts, on the rare occasion that they arrive in my inbox, is that there's usually something "off" with the email. Being from an organisation you've never done business with is usually fairly obvious, as is asking for details they wouldn't normally ask you for via email. The first phishing attempt I recall seeing, quite a few years ago now, claimed to be from an organization that I have actually done business with and nearly had me fooled for a moment. Three things made me smell a rat: (1) My account with them was long closed, (2) I'd never used their internet services, and (3) the email came from the "wrong" country.
  10. lisati

    Nice Thank You Post from a New Member

    You're not alone. I started using my own email server three years ago after getting frustrated with Yahoo. This forum has been a valuable resource over the years as I've worked on fine-tuning my spam filters.
  11. lisati

    This group of spammers won't stop

    I have pretty much given up on trying to report spam arriving via (or allegedly from) Yahoo: most of the time I'd get fobbed off with a generic autoresponse that was usually irrelvant. These days my email server has what amounts to a blanket ban on mail arriving via Yahoo's servers. If not whitelisted the mail is rejected (not bounced) with a link to an explanatory web page which includes instructions for requesting whitelisting. One of the advantages of rejecting instead of bouncing is Yahoo gets one less chance to pass the buck for figuring out what to do with the junk that violates their TOS that they've accepted for delivery.
  12. One would hope it happens when the realities of life as an adult kicks in, but sadly that doesn't always happen.
  13. lisati

    Representative of www.va-ua.com

    Hi there Solomon. As far as I know, you don't need an MX record to SEND spam or any other kind of email, because it's normally only used as part of the process of receiving email. If you did need one, many people would be absolutely stuck and unable to use email clients such as Outlook or Thunderbird. The evidence should be available in the report you received. Things I'd suggest taking a look at include the "received" headers in the reported email and for links in the message body that refer to a domain over which you have some control.
  14. The key combination seems to work with Telecom NZ (Xtra), who also use Yahoo for their email services.
  15. Seems to be working again.
  16. lisati

    Account Suspended - second wave

    Something seems to have gone wrong (again), see http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=12647
  17. "Adjectives deleted" Yahoo!
  18. One possibility that comes to mind is that the recipient's server has at some point queried the Spamcop list, and cached the result.
  19. Ubuntu here. When I used Windows more regularly, I threw together a couple of my own cleaning programs, but unfortunately (a) they don't work too well with newer versions of Windows, and ( the source code got lost or misplaced, making it harder to update. On the rare occasion I fire up Windows at home these days, occasionally opening up the %temp% folder and manually cleaning out the clutter goes some way to helping things run smoothly.
  20. Welcome to the list of people frustrated with the way Yahoo handles spam. For a long time one of my dreams has been that they tighten up on their enforcement of their own spam policies. It can get frustrating bringing spam to their attention, only to be fobbed off with a generic response that assumes you're using their webmail and advises you to click on a "report spam" button that you don't have. One thing I have done on my email server is to be a lot stricter with mail arriving via Yahoo. What isn't rejected outright is subject to closer scrutiny. I made this decision after noticing an increase of spam arriving via Yahoo that in many cases had fake Yahoo email accounts as the purported sender address. I usually report any rubbish that makes it past the filters and checks that I have in place. In short, don't give up on reporting spam that seems to involve Yahoo - or from anyone else, for that matter.
  21. lisati

    Reporting problems today?

    Same here. Looks like my confirmation email is on the way, my email server's greylisting department needs another entry in its whitelist. Edit: Whitelist ammended, and the email has arrived. A big "thank you" to the team.
  22. Enough spam comes via Yahoo for me to notice too, which is a factor in my decision to set up my own private mail server nearly four years ago.
  23. lisati

    Reporting problems today?

    That's largely why I set up my own email server, which, amongst other things, gives me the option of rejecting mail from their servers during the SMTP dialog. It can get frustrating trying to report spam to Yahoo, only to be fobbed off with bounces, autoresponses that advise you to click on a "report spam" button that your email client doesn't have, and other "helpful" stuff like that.
  24. I don't regularly use gMail, but had occasion to log into an account I have there recently. Without going back and double checking, the best I can say is that the process looks about right.
  25. lisati

    Reporting problems today?

    I just checked in and saw a similar announcement: