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    Reporting problems today?

    So it's not just me
  2. lisati

    Reporting problems today?

    Maybe. Some spam I submitted by email about 6 hours ago hasn't shown up yet in my list of recent reports, there could still be a bit of a backlog somewhere. Reporting via web form seems to be working OK though.
  3. lisati

    Reporting problems today?

    Thank you for the update. Again, all the best for the team's efforts to find a long-term solution. It seems that the best those of us who use the service can do for now is to be patient as things return to normal.
  4. A bit of extra info that might be helpful in the troubleshooting process: I did a quick check of the IP address given and discovered a listing in spam.dnsbl.sorbs.net
  5. lisati

    Reporting problems today?

    I've had one or two similar messages, and have found that reloading the page usually gets me to a point where I can actually submit the reports. This is a test of everyone's patience, and I want to encourage everyone not to be too hasty to give up , whatever your role in this community. I'm looking forward to the time when we can look back, thankful that this hiccup is over and grateful to the people who provide this service to us. Time for a fresh pot of coffee or other suitable beverage?
  6. lisati

    Reporting problems today?

    This looks like a red herring to me. Assuming that the recipient's email provider is using the backscatter list appropriately, a listing can indicate that an outgoing server is not configured properly. See http://www.backscatterer.org/?ip= for more info. [edit] Discussion in the above topic moved to http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=12532 Exactly. I'm thankful for whatever feedback that we do receive, even if it's just reassurance that someone is working on the problem.
  7. lisati

    Reporting problems today?

    Thank you for checking in. I wish you well with your endeavours to get things sorted out.
  8. lisati

    [Resolved] Time Outs

    Seems to be affecting the spamcop home page too. I've been seeing reports in the "Reporting help" section, and have experienced it myself.
  9. lisati

    Reporting problems today?

    Looks like I spoke too soon. I'm getting gateway timeouts (again). No doubt we'll hear from the admins when there is something they can share; I wish them well with their endeavours to get this sorted out.
  10. lisati

    Reporting problems today?

    That's similar to what I was thinking, but I'm not privy to the information that the admin team would have available to help confirm this. No doubt we'll hear back when they have something they're able to share with us.
  11. lisati

    Reporting problems today?

    From my end, it's looking hopeful that the team working behind the scenes have made some progress getting things back to how they should be, and agree that what (if anything) they choose to share is likely to be of a limited nature. I wish to report - with a sigh of relief - that I've managed to complete reporting several spams that I'd forwarded earlier in the day.
  12. lisati

    Non-Profit getting a bad rap

    Looking for "good" ways of managing your email list is a good start. A listing in places such as spamcop isn't necessarily your fault: it can also happen when other users of the same email provider as you have some problems to address.
  13. There seem to have been some issues lately, described here: http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=12488
  14. Agreed here with the caution against using the "bounce" option in tools like mailwasher. You might get lucky every now and again and have the fake bounce go back to the true sender, but the risk of annoying or inconveniencing innocent bystanders is too high to rely on such techniques.
  15. lisati

    Reporting problems today?

    "free" account here (but with a few $$$ thrown in via Paypal from time to time) - I've been seeing problems similar to those being described, e.g.
  16. lisati

    Fake or Real Virus Allert?

    My gut feeling is that your computer is probably OK, and that someone you've had email contact with has a computer that has caught something, e.g. malware. Good luck with your investigations.
  17. lisati

    Fake or Real Virus Allert?

    The text of the alert looks similar to the default bounce messages that amavis-new on my email server produces, so it's possibly a genuine alert. It could also be a form of backscatter: what if there's some malware somewhere which used bogus sender credentials that triggered the alert to the OP's email address instead of that belonging to someone with a compromised machine? Having said that, it probably wouldn't hurt to check your machine for something nasty.
  18. lisati

    Spooky Hyperlink in spam

    I'm wondering if a spambot is being used that randomises names slightly, based on replacing letters with similar letters or numbers, like you might see in a message that is being tinkered with in an effort to beat filters. As an aside, my name is rare where I live too, there's only two of us that I know of within something like 500km.
  19. lisati

    Yahoo stopped taking spam reports

    I would, if it wasn't for my expecting legitimate mail through their system. Too many people I know (including work) use an ISP that uses Yahoo to provide their email services.
  20. lisati

    Yahoo stopped taking spam reports

    A few years back, the ISP I use did the opposite, and went from using MSN as their email provided to Yahoo. This, together with the kind of dissatisfaction represented in this thread, was the main motivation behind me setting up my own email server, with people wither whitelisted or advised of a new email address as required. It wasn't too difficult to set up restrictions on incoming mail that has some kind of connection (real or imagined) with Yahoo's servers. Net result: a significant drop in the amount of spam that makes its way to my inbox, and Yahoo is left with more bounce messages to deliver. Wanting to shout "You stupid fools: it was your server that tried to deliver this rubbish" when faced with an automated response claiming "this didn't originate in our server" is another story.....
  21. lisati

    NetworkWorld article blasts Spamcop

    Definitley a "shmiel" who needs to take more responsibility than they have. Common netiquette & courtesy preclude me from using the colourful expressions than I have.....
  22. lisati

    Why Trusted?

    Frustration from reporting spam to Yahoo to subsequently have "nothing" happen is the exact reason I decided to set up my own email server: more control over what arrives in my inbox, including the option to reject unwanted mail during the SMTP dialogue.
  23. Whoops I just took another look, I should have said "issue 2", the one about the link to the forum. My bad.
  24. I can confirm that Issue 3 above seems to be happening for me too. I'm not 100% convinced that it's relevant, but I'm using Firefox 10.0.2 on a fully updated Ubuntu 11.04 with the "Gnome classic" desktop.
  25. lisati

    Blackhole Exploit Kit

    I've seen only two entries in my server's logs, both rejected with a 450, and not a peep from them since.