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    NetworkWorld article blasts Spamcop

    Definitley a "shmiel" who needs to take more responsibility than they have. Common netiquette & courtesy preclude me from using the colourful expressions than I have.....
  2. lisati

    Why Trusted?

    Frustration from reporting spam to Yahoo to subsequently have "nothing" happen is the exact reason I decided to set up my own email server: more control over what arrives in my inbox, including the option to reject unwanted mail during the SMTP dialogue.
  3. Whoops I just took another look, I should have said "issue 2", the one about the link to the forum. My bad.
  4. I can confirm that Issue 3 above seems to be happening for me too. I'm not 100% convinced that it's relevant, but I'm using Firefox 10.0.2 on a fully updated Ubuntu 11.04 with the "Gnome classic" desktop.
  5. lisati

    Blackhole Exploit Kit

    I've seen only two entries in my server's logs, both rejected with a 450, and not a peep from them since.
  6. lisati

    How to give impression my email is inactive

    I believe that "Incredimail" has an option to generate fake bounces as well.
  7. lisati

    How to give impression my email is inactive

    I have an idea of the kind of technique that is being referred to as "zz". If I have understood the suggestion properly, it is bad because it suffers from the same kind of problems as those described here: http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/329.html
  8. lisati

    Spamcop report not accepted

    Don D: I've forwarded a copy as requested.
  9. I might have seen something somewhere in the FAQ, but can't remember at the moment, so I'll ask. Today I spotted this email in my inbox and I'm not quite sure about the appropriate action to take: The headers suggest that it came via Spamcop's system in response to this report: http://www.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=gettrac...rtid=5699616373
  10. lisati

    Are you blocking google???

    Sometimes it's a judgement call about what to reject outright and what to quarantine in a junk folder. What makes it to the junk folder can always be reviewed manually, reporting & adjusting ACLs as required. If there's a false postive, a quick review of the system logs will usually pick it up if your server isn't too busy. The dangers of sending out bounces when a rejection during the SMTP transaction is pretty well known these days, and I mention it in passing without further comment.
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    I think you can relax a bit now. When I checked not long ago at http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=blcheck&...p= it was showing this:
  12. From http://www.spamhaus.org/pbl/ :- Most of the DNSBLs my server consults usually provide some kind of link to the relevant DNSBL's lookup page. It's always a good idea to check the site belonging to the DNSBL used as the basis for rejecting a message, because each list has its own criteria for inclusion in a list and subsequent removal.
  13. lisati

    Strange spamming tactic

    Interesting to note that the parse spotted that is an open proxy and is also listed in cbl.abuseat.org
  14. lisati

    Are you blocking google???

    I can appreciate the frustration. I run my own private email server, which uses a combination of techniques to decide what to do with incoming mail. Finding a good balance between rejecting unwanted mail outright (with the risk of false positives), quarantining and/or tagging mail where something doesn't seem quite right, and letting through the rest (with the risk of false negatives) has its challenges.
  15. Posted in the lounge because this is more of a grumble than a support request. In the interests of expanding my horizons this morning and possibly learning something new, I was playing around with "postscreen" on my email server, which runs postfix v2.8. When I was checking the logs, I noticed that incoming notifications of spamcop reports I'd submitted were deferred by postscreen because of a listing on dnsbl.sorbs.net. This is addressed fairly easily by whitelisting Spamcop's servers at my end. My best guess at the moment is that someone who has received spamcop reports wasn't too happy about it. Another possible explanation, which I find slightly less plausible, is that they didn't understand what they were reading.
  16. I had to laugh. I went to reset my password at the sorbs site, and noticed this log entry on my system when checking to see if their email had arrived:
  17. lisati

    More than one way to verify

  18. lisati

    spam Count by Leak Path of Address

    Lately a lot of the spam I have been receiving has been directed to an email address I used to create a mailing list on Yahoo Groups. One or two that weren't blocked by my server and that I've taken the time to look at (duly reported)have been sent to a yahoo email address, with a Reply-to for a bogus address at my server.
  19. I saw a very similar report, possibly about the same organizations, a few months back. All I can say is this: D'oh!
  20. lisati

    spam Count by Leak Path of Address

    I once deliberately poisoned one of my web pages with several thousand bogus email addresses. Big mistake: every now and again I see evidence that the list was harvested. It's a nuisance because my server and its connection aren't particularly well endowed with horsepower. Thankfully setting up the means to detect and block spam runs using this list wasn't too difficult, and the server which tries to deliver the spam has its mail queue clogged for quite some time.
  21. lisati

    I can't seem to report half of my spam !

    What I usually do when reporting mail I've received via hotmail is to move my junk folder to my inbox, download them to my laptop using my regular email client, then forward the rubbish as attachments.
  22. I got fed up with "free" email accounts a year or two back and in the interests of regaining control of my inbox I ended up setting up my own email server at home. I still have some way to go to get the settings right for blocking and filtering purposes, but it is immensely satisfying to have the amount of spam I report drop down to near zero. Consulting the SCBL and digesting the wisdom embodied in this forum have been a useful part of the process of checking incoming mail.
  23. For me, the value of reporting has two parts: 1. It helps me with the sending of complaints to the right people. 2. Although on its own, one report might not have much impact on a SCBL listing, it can provide information pertinent to a potential listing: let's get the <insert epithet>!
  24. That's a new one on me. It reminds me of a practical joke I played on someone via snailmail many years ago: it was a fake "Permit to be Ill" application, made to look like an official government form. Had him fooled for a while.
  25. lisati

    It must be spring again

    I've received (and reported) a handful of similar emails: the "surprise" has long worn off.