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    Is SPAMcop dead (please)?

    If the IP address given is one you have responsibility for, I'd suggest looking into listings on lists other than Spamcop. As I type, it's not showing as listed on the Spamcop's list, but there are a couple of other lists where it has been listed in the last few days, mostly from spamtrap hits.
  2. lisati

    Massive spam increase

    This is one of the rare occasions I'd trot out Yahoo's standard response: "The easiest way of reporting spam is to use the 'Report spam' button." (Usually I'm muttering and cussing when I get that response, often in response to trying to report spam by forwarding some spam as an attachment from Thunderbird.)
  3. lisati

    Yahoo Mail View Raw Message

    If memory serves correctly, there was a "View raw message" option many years ago, when their webmail interface was a lot less bloated by advertising, scripts that run in the browser, and other stuff that can make the experience a pain on older hardware.
  4. I rarely use Yahoo's Webmail these days, and I'm stoked that "View Raw Message" is coming back.
  5. lisati

    PayPal settlement - scam?

    I, too, have an existing relationship with PayPal. Some of the suspicious emails I have received over the years are clever fakes. Cleverly done, but still fakes. I usually take a close look at the "from:" address. One of the tricks they use is to use a "from" email address that is sufficiently similar to a real PayPal email address that you wouldn't notice if you're not paying attention. The response I typically get from PayPal, once they've had a chance to take a look, includes something like this:
  6. lisati

    PayPal settlement - scam?

    I occasionally receive emails claiming to be from Paypal, and usually send a copy to spoof[at]paypal.com at the same time as reporting to spamcop if I think it's a bit suspicious.
  7. If you "own" the email address where forwarding is activated, you might want to add both it and the email address where the forwarded emails are being received to your mailhosts and see if that helps alleviate the problem.
  8. It has been a while, but I get messages with the message text in the subject every now and again. I suspect that it's partly due to badly configured mass mailers. I received two earlier today. I didn't notice the lack of body until I'd submitted both by quick reporting, both forwarded as attachments to the one submission email. I was about to resubmit them manually when the notification that they'd been accepted and processed, without a sign of the need for doing the "No body" thing.
  9. lisati

    APEWS: E-1718287 Recheck

    Contrary to what seems to be a popular opinion, this is NOT the place to request removal from APEWS. Unless your email is being blocked because of a listing, it is safe to ignore listings at APEWS - no reputable mail provider uses it to filter incoming email. As far as I know the information in this article from 2007 still applies: http://www.dnsbl.com/2007/08/what-to-do-if-you-are-listed-on-apews.html
  10. lisati

    CloudFlare and neterra.net

    Do you have a tracking URL?
  11. I see what you mean about the dates on some of the received lines being problematicel, the thought that an email could be stuck in a queue for nearly 10 years stretches the credibility somewhat.
  12. My $0.02, for what it's worth..... I don't think there's a "one size fits all" answer. Some people prefer to have the suspected bad guys blocked outright, others prefer to have junk mail directed to a separate folder for later review, and yet others like to slow the suspected bad guys down with tools such as grey listing.
  13. The messages quoted in this thread almost read to me as if the spam being reported isn't making its way to the appropriate server at Spamcop's end, before it gets anywhere near a place where a tracking URL might be generated. Other than Yahoo being Yahoo, I haven't noticed any odd behaviour lately.
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    The Knujon web page seems back to normal for me, whatever glitch it was seems to have been fixed.
  15. lisati


    I'm not sure what's going on, but I had a couple of reports to Knujon bounce in the last few days. Checking the web page to see if I'd missed reading about a change resulted in my seeing "adult" content that I didn't particularly want to see. Hmmmmm..... I've temporarily disabled Knujon reporting from my copy of the Habul plugin for Thunderbird.
  16. I've received spam in the past which forges my email address in the return path and from headers. For regular users of an email services, there's probably not a lot that can be done. What the bad guys put in header fields that potentially identify the origin of their mail is largely out of the control of legitimate users of that resource; this is one reason configuring "Mailhosts" for your Spamcop reporting account is important. When I was running my own server a few years back, I made sure that I had SPF and other similar DNS records set up, which had a small degree of success when the recipient's email system was configured to use them. Another check I sometimes dis was if the "From" address matched the "To" address, which relies on me not being in the habit of sending mail to myself.
  17. Reasons for continuing to see spam from the sources you've been reported included (1) Even if sufficient reports are being provided by several users for the IP address(es) involved to get listed, your email provider might not be using the Spamcop list to block or otherwise filter incoming mail (2) Even if the relevant IP addresses get listed, the email you're receiving might be processed when they're not listed (3) It's possible that any report(s) sent to the abuse contacts are being ignored
  18. lisati

    Planned Outage - SpamCop Forum

    Who? What? Where? It shouldn't take too long to adjust to the new look.
  19. lisati

    Are we losing the battle?

    I just checked the IP address at http://multirbl.valli.org/lookup/ it's pretty toxic.
  20. lisati

    Planned Outage - SpamCop Forum

    May all go smoothly and the gremlins be kept far away.
  21. I've had the occasional non-delivery report which doesn't make sense when attempting to report spam. My best guess is that my email provider's outgoing filter sees the spam being reported, flags the message as spam, and for reasons best known to itself, gives a misleading error message as part of the non-delivery report.
  22. lisati

    Using the SpamCop Blacklist at the desktop

    In an ideal world, we probably wouldn't receive the kind of junk email that people report, and when it does slip through the nets, the people who receive the reports would be actually do something to curb the flow. The main advantage I see to reporting IP addresses that are already listed is that it helps provide evidence to use in future decisions to list the IP address. There are admins out there who take unhelpful attitudes such as "we are not spammers" - it can be helpful to be able to say, "Really? Here's the evidence." (The legal niceties about what constitutes spam is potential can of worms that I don't particularly want to get into. Spemcop has its guidelines in its FAQ)
  23. Sorry, I can't access that page, only you and admins will be able to see it. The Tracking link is what you see at that top of the page when you look at reports sent on your behalf, just below where it says: "Here is your TRACKING URL - it may be saved for future reference:" On the topic of unsubscribing, sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't. Shouldn't be a problem for responsible list managers, and with the rogues, they already have your email address......
  24. Not directly related, but I had a weird one today which wasn't spamcop's fault: Yahoo decided that spam reports from an email account that I don't use that often were suspicious, and consequently bouncing them. I haven't had that happen with other accounts hosted by Yahoo. Thankfully I have other accounts I can use to submit by email.
  25. Spammer's rule #1: Spammers are stupid. From time to time, I see spam both here and on another forum that deals with spam. It doesn't seem to matter that posting in such forums (fora?) or emailing their members increases the chances of their details being listed in anti-spam databases.