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  1. There's always the "report" link within the forum.....
  2. lisati

    Forum Status

    Thank you for the update. Based on the error message I saw and my inability to access the forum, I suspected that something of that nature might have been amiss. It's good to know that things are heading in the general direction of "normal" - whatever normal is.
  3. I'd noticed issues with the forum too, suggesting something was not quite right behind the scenes. I wish the powers that be well tracking down what went wrong: hopefully it will be easily addressed.
  4. I can't help with webmail, but find I can forward contents of my spam folder as attachment quite easily when I access my gmail account using an email client such as Thunderbird.
  5. I take it that you have reported the emails? If so, a tracking link might be useful for help us troubleshoot. As for the forged sender, the "From" header is notoriously unreliable as a clue to the true origin of an offending email. It is been a while since I've run my own email server, but one of the tests for suspicious emails I used for a while was to see if the From address matched the To address, on the assumption that sending an email to myself was unlikely.
  6. I agree that outlook.com addresses can be a problem. I sometimes report spam from two outlook.com email addresses, and they don't always make it to Spamcop's list of emails I've recently reported.
  7. Sometimes companies you give your email address to are after a quick buck and sell their mailing lists to other companies. Trouble is, it is unlikely that the people have given their consent to be on a "new" mailing list......
  8. One of the mysteries in life is why companies publish email addresses on their "Report abuse" page, only to bounce or reject reports sent to those addresses....
  9. lisati

    Are current blocklists ineffective?

    Seems to be on the UCEPROTECT level 1 list at the moment.
  10. lisati

    Yahoo spam

    Ah, Yahoo. When I was running my own server a few years back, also Postfix, at least 90% of the incoming mail that had some kind of connection with Yahoo (either implied by the alleged sender, or arriving via one of their servers) was spam. My solution was to have a blanket ban on mail from Yahoo. There was the occasional bit of work on my part reviewing what had been rejected, so I could manually maintain a small list of exceptions.
  11. I think your issue is more than just a listing at SpamCop - appears on several other blacklists as well. An example of some spam transmittied via can be found here: http://www.pedantic.org/cgi-bin/showspam?ip=
  12. For some reason, the parser sees as a dynamic host, and thus doesn't trust anything it sees earlier in the Received header list.
  13. Good question. If you change email provider, it's a good idea to check your mailhost settings, even if you retain the same email address, because the reporting service is based on IP addresses, not email addresses.
  14. I'm guessing that would be covered by the Become a "mole" option.
  15. Where possible, the reporting service tries to obscure details that could be used to identify the reporter. This is known as "munging" on the help pages. There are times when this is difficult (or impossible), and report recipients can ask Spamcop not to send munged reports.
  16. Barring a glitch somewhere, "No MX records" would be something I'd normally only expect for a newly registered domain or one where there are recent changes, while the relevant DNS info gets propagated round to ALL the places it needs to be.
  17. I sometimes use multirbl.valli.org to check IP addresses. If a query returns a listing, it provides the TXT entry for the listing, which often (but not always) includes a link to a web page where you can query the listing and find out more. If you've ended up on Spamhaus's PBL, don't panic. All that usually means is that Spamhaus (or your ISP) doesn't think you should be running an email server at that IP address - if you're using a regular email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird, that shouldn't be an issue.
  18. If you have been using "Quick Reporting" you might have to re-enable it from the mailhost configuration page.
  19. I haven't used Mailwasher for a while, but I believe it has an option to automatically forward spam to places such as SpamCop.
  20. lisati

    Submitting spam

    I prefer to use Thunderbird which allows me to access the full source of a message without viewing images and other potentially nasty stuff. I've heard that in the past some Yahoo users have had to fork out $$$$ to use POP3/IMAP with Yahoo, and suspect that I've had "free" access because my ISP uses Yahoo to host its email.
  21. lisati

    Submitting spam

    The submission form requires the complete email source, not just the header. I rarely use webmail with Yahoo these days, so I'm a bit out of touch with safe ways of viewing the complete email source using their webmail. I don't blame you for being cautious about opening emails.
  22. lisati

    Spamcop big disapointment

    The forum has been spammed regularly by turkeys such as weduskabe for several weeks now. There's always the "report" button to alert the moderation team if they haven't already noticed.
  23. lisati

    IPv6 or what ?

    Good call. It has been a while since I've had to manually analyze headers in order to figure out the appropriate reporting address, and the grey matter that works out the most trustworthy piece of info is at risk of wasting away!
  24. lisati

    spam from aneel[at]bug80.com

    The "From" address in an email is notoriously unreliable as an indicator of the true origin of an email, because it is easily forged. A tracking URL will help us take a look at other information contained in the email and hopefully make useful suggestions about who to contact to report abuse.
  25. lisati

    spam link keeps changing resolve in post

    There might be multiple IP addresses associated with the domain. A legitimate use for this is to help share the load between multiple servers. A sneaky use for this could be to divert the attention of spam fighters away from the culprit.