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  1. I haven't had one for a few weeks now. One thing I've noticed is that the Return-Path headers seems to be of variable quality or interest, tending towards the "don't trust it at all" end of the spectrum. Sometimes they match the intended recipient's address, sometimes they don't.
  2. lisati

    re. @devnull.spamcop.net

    i That was my thought when checking new replies to this thread. I, too, see the "user notification" option when I've added fuel, and it disappears when my "fuel" runs out.
  3. lisati

    re. @devnull.spamcop.net

    As I understand it, Spamcop's primary focus is to maintain a blocking/blacklist of sources of spam. Any reports that get sent out and are actually actioned by provider are a bonus. Even if the reports get dev-null'ed, Spamcop can still. use the spam you report to help provide data for its blocking list. There are other ways of tracking down a suitable reporting address. I rarely bother manually sending reports to providers, but occasionally visit sites such as multirbl.valli.org and mxtoolbox that can assist in provide information that is of some help. Other volunteers at this forum might be able to jump in and suggest approaches that more directly address what you are asking.
  4. On a side note, I've never had a spamcop.net email account, but have seen examples of "your account has been hacked" messages arriving at a small number of my email addresses. Don't shy away from reporting them - the ones I've seen have always been traced back to somewhere other than the server hosting the supposedly hacked account.
  5. My bad. I was possibly suffering from a coffee deficiency or some such problem.
  6. It might not mean much but even if there wasn't the added space, my minimal parsing skills want to add a forward slash after what looks like an IPv4 address. Time for me to wander off and enjoy my freshly made coffee.
  7. You need to forward the email as an attachment, and not as "inline" - the Spamcop parser needs access to the full text of the email to do its stuff.
  8. I use Thunderbird to check my email. Most of the time, using its "Forward as attachment" for selected emails works well for me when reporting. Occasionally there's a glitch somewhere along the line, usually NOT with gmail, which gets me using the "View source" to provide data for the online submission form.
  9. D'oh! Reminds me of a couple of occasions in recent months where I've sent a suspect email to my ISP for their review, and after an exchange where my patience has been severely tested, I'm asked to forward the suspicious email to them.
  10. Agreed, a tracking URL will be helpful. One of the advantages of continuing to submit spam to Spamcop is that even if a provider claims that spam will stop, information from the spam we report will help Spamcop maintain its blacklist.
  11. lisati

    Mail Rejected/Blacklisted

    I see no current listing on the spamcop list. I think it's odd that the lookup link in the bounce messages is for spamcop, when the messages refer to rbl.websitewelcome.com, a blocklist that I know nothing about.
  12. We copped a bit of the heat across the ditch for a few days, but the weather here seems to have cooled down a bit.
  13. I'd noticed that too, saving a bit of time when reporting.........
  14. lisati

    OVH.Net spam ?

    Spammers are not only annoying, they tend to be stupid. I've even had one (can't remember which provider the original email was traced back to) where the sender claimed to be Donald Duck. I couldn't resist having a little bit of fun with them....... There's a humorous post on how stupid they are in the Lounge section of the forum.
  15. Agreed, keep on reporting. I'm not clued up on the behind the scenes processing Gmail does when you mark an email as spam, beyond training their filter, but have had one or two reports come my way from Yahoo users have done the equivalent on their webmail.
  16. lisati

    OVH.Net spam ?

    I get the occasional email from ovh.net and generally report it. Even if they don't respond to our satisfaction to reports, the data provided will still help Spamcop maintain its blacklist.
  17. lisati

    Any point in reporting spam from AMAZONAWS?

    Good suggestion, I might start doing that too.
  18. Don't give up on reporting to/via Spamcop. Even though the recipients of the reports might appear as if they don't care, the data gleaned from the spam you submit still helps Spamcop build and maintain its blackist.
  19. When I checked just now using the multirbl.valli.org lookup tool, there were two listings highlighted, neither of which was spamcop. I've seen reports on this forum that sometimes email providers get lazy and use a generic error message that incorrectly cites Spamcop as the reason email is being blocked, but without seeing a bounce message, it's difficult to know if this is what is happening for you.
  20. lisati

    SCv5 parsing

    With the upgrade, I've noticed that the parser is coping better for processing spam arriving at gmail. For a while, I've had to perform an edit similar to that required for Outlook/Hotmail, and this now eems to be unnecessary.
  21. A screenshot of the tracking url isn't of much help to those of us who can't be bothered trying to type it in, it's usually easier (and more reliabile) for us to have a clickable link
  22. What I'm seeing with th What I'm seeing is that the modification(s) still seem to be necessary.
  23. My ISP/primary email provider has a similar option available, which can be useful. One thing to watch, however, is that sometimes there are limits to how many domains that are blocked.