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  1. Having seen gmail addreses in some of the spam I receive, I like the idea.

    Having said that, I anticipate a challenge to whoever works on making the necessary changes at Spamcop's end - I have yet to discover a reliable method of automatically validating email addresses without the risk annoying or inconveniencing innocent bystanders. I suspect that many of the cautions against autoresponders and challenge/response systems apply to email addresses found in the email body too. Take a look here:  https://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/329.html

  2. Agreed, the blank line usually present after the headers appears to be missing.

    What I'm seeing when I follow the tracking link and then clicking on "View entire message" is just the headers, with absolutely nothing at all after the BCC header. Is this an accurate representation of what actually made it into your inbox?

  3. If the email is being rejected by your server, you won't have any spam to report through Spamcop, which, in some ways is a good thing.

    If you still want to report or complain, another option would be to do your homework to find out the abuse contact for the IP address, and send them a polite note telling them what is going on. This does not have to involve Spamcop, even though it would be nice to have some data available to help them maintain their blocklist.

  4. Almost there, but not quite. Most of us won't be able to view those reports. The tracking URL that's more useful to the rest of us typically appears below this:

    SpamCop v 4.8.7 © 2018 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.
    Here is your TRACKING URL - it may be saved for future reference:

  5. I've noticed the pattern of having spam coming in waves, and recently noticed a flood of grumpy customers of the ISP I use on Facebook.  I'm currently experiencing a lull in the amount of spam I'm receiving - the flow hasn't dried up completely, but it's a lot quieter for me.

  6. 6 minutes ago, kolor said:

    Are you referring to spam on the forum or spam you've received by email? The example you cite  looks very similar to spam I receive by email.

    If you wish to report spam you see here on the forum, there's a "Report spam" link near the top of each post.

    To report spam you receive by email, you'll have to register for a reporting account at www.spamcop.net




  7. I've noticed that spam I've received that tracks back to a mailchimp account tends to get devnulled. When I see this, I usually manually forward the offending email(s) to abuse[at]mailchimp.com, which commonly results in an autoresponse, and occasionally a follow-up email.

  8. The community who regularly contribute to this forum is made up of volunteers from a variety of backgrounds. Some of us (myself included) live outside of the USA, and have a different set of legal and cultural considerations to bring to any discussions. One thing we have in common is a dislike of unwanted email. It's not always easy to effectively deal with the "spam" issue when the people who receive the reports sent on behalf of Spamcop users don't seem to care.


    12 minutes ago, petzl said:

    of course it would help if SpamCop  sent abuse report to correct address? deliverabilityteam[AT]epsilon.com ip is regularly reported for phishing but to wrong address

    That sounds like an annoying situation.

    I occasionally receive suspicious mail claiming to be from PayPal. One or two I've received in recent months appear to come from the same email provider as the one I normally use, which can be a pain when the parser stops in its tracks with a message about "No source IP address found" - there's usually sufficient information available to report those ones manually.