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  1. It's been a week now and no cert to be seen yet. Any idea on when this will get fixed? I emailed JT (jefft at spamcop.net) about it on the 20th , but got no reply. He is the one running cesmail.net, right? ...Thanks, ...Ken
  2. loafman

    SpamCop Denouncer

    Just a quick note -- there is something strange going on with that website. Every time I enter it, the blue light on my builtin webcam flashes. Not sure if its actually taking a picture, but will get back to you if it is. The idea that a website could turn on the camera is downright scary. I'm running Linux, so if you are a Windows user, there may be other surprises. ...Ken
  3. If the petition is valid, why not? There is a vast difference between a petition emailed to the people that can, or should, do something about it and email that goes out to everyone. One is spam, the other is legit. I agree. Even Amber Alerts are spam if they are not requested. That would be worse than his crime unless he was guilty of rape himself.
  4. loafman

    Missing submit messages

    I don't think we can lay this on Comcast. I'm on Verizon FIOS and I only get about 75% of the replies to email submissions. I never wait for the reply to start reporting, so its no harm done, I just report from the web site once they are accepted. Besides, if I wait for the replies, it slows down the reporting. I've had replies that arrived hours after they were already reported.
  5. I doubt it. Otherwise we'd just be looking at death by a thousand cuts. We may be anyway. Besides, there's prior art for this, from Microsoft's own products. ...Ken
  6. You sound like one of those paid bloggers that spread FUD about FOSS software... MySQL is an open source database that is completely capable of handling email transactions for thousands of clients without clustering. Clustering adds increased load carrying and reliability. It has been used as the backend on multiple email systems and in a large number of mission critical systems. Their client list is the same as the commercial offerings. I've used it myself and have been very satisfied with its performance.
  7. loafman

    Let's get the Facts "Right"

    You seem to be confused about law and the internet. Let me set you straight. It does not matter what some lobbyist inspired bill says when it comes to spam. It all comes down to the "my server, my rules" law of the internet. SpamCop helps those of us with servers to keep spammers away from our systems. If SpamCop were not there, we'd still do the job, but instead of just one group to deal with, you'd have every sysadmin on the planet to deal with. Your rights stop at the border of my domain. Period. End of discussion.
  8. loafman

    Interesting bit of spam....

    Same here. My server, my rules.
  9. Try http://www.blackholes.us/ for a list of almost every country known plus some ISP lists. http://www.blackholes.us/zones/countries has individual files by country in various formats.
  10. Absolutely no problems to report. Thanks for the new feature! ...Ken
  11. loafman

    Microsoft Debuts Windows Live OneCare

    There are many areas that are just plain buggy from design on down. My biggest gripe is executing data as code. Documents are data. HTML is data. Email is data. Don't execute it, or at least don't execute it by default. You probably weren't around during the IBM monopoly. That's the same specious argument they used -- "If you use only our software and not our competitors, your system will run better." Maybe so, but it fosters monopolies, and that's just plain evil. Without competition in 3rd party software we'd be an MS monoculture. I think a lot of PHB's would like to see that, but it would be death for anyone with an ounce of creativity since monopolies stifle innovation. In my own defense, I've been a UNIX developer since the early 70's and was a fan of MS from 1980 until 1987. After a business presentation in Redmond and a couple of other meetings with Herr Gates, I became less enthused. Then I started watching MS destroy a lot of good companies and screw up a lot of my friends futures in the process and I became less and less of a fan. I finally swore in 1999 that I would no longer support a monopoly and have been working in Linux ever since. The only saving grace is that I'm primarily a technology developer and not a dancing widgets developer, so I do most of the heavy lifting on Linux, then let someone else port to Windows if its needed there. My only restriction is that the technology stays portable and independent of the dancing widgets that Windows folks seem to need.
  12. loafman

    Microsoft Debuts Windows Live OneCare

    Let's see - MS makes money on the buggy software they sell, then they have the nerve to actually try to sell you a fix for that buggy software. Sounds like a protection racket to me.
  13. loafman

    Too much wasted time for a non-help query

    Postfix will not produce backscatter if you configure it correctly. I know because I've done it and it works. I'm not sure about exim, but I'm sure a bit of googling will get the answer that you need.
  14. loafman


    Thunderbird 1.07 under Ubuntu.
  15. Your free speech rights end at the boundary of my personal property, i.e. my mail servers. If I wanted, I could block anyone with an 'e' in their name. Other than calling me foolish, they would have no recourse. Blocklists allow us to ban the spammers and the ISP's that support them from delivering into our personal property. Its as simple as that. BTW, Spamcop blocks over 90% of the spam coming to companies I administer. In the last 5 years, there have been few complaints of false positives. It does its job, saves the employees time and effort, and saves me from getting complaints about letting in too much spam. Thank you SpamCop!