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  1. Hi there, I had an Idea and I am actively developing it. Maybe already existent I don't know but I am developing an url shortening service that will be free for ever and without advertisement at all. Now, the problem is that I never click on a shortened url because I think that can be vectors for malicious intents so my idea was to implement two different kind of controls before accepting an url: 1) OpenDNS to block phishing/malicious websites. 1) SpamCOP to block phishing/malicious IP address. (Yes, 1 and 1) As I am asking the same to OpenDNS, there's an opportunity to use a SpamCOP API to recognize if an IP is blacklisted? Sorry for my english, be kind... this is also my first thread and I hope to have an answer to my request - Obviously I will like to say in the website "Proudly powered by SpamCOP technology".