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  1. "so the only Report recipients would be the source of the spam e-mail itself and the identified 'concerned party' involved with any (resolved) URLs." Huh? Why would the source of the spam e-mail receive a report?
  2. Can we have this stated clearly and unambiguously? 1. Assume that the name of my site is: wonderfulsite.com 2. spam arrives with obfuscated links and appears to be from superguy[at]wonderfulsite.com. Most details in the spam e-mail refer to superguy[at]wonderfulsite.com 3. Despite this, I should report it. No ISP will misinterpret this and start blocking wonderfulsite.com Am I getting that right? Send the spam report! Even if the 'from' field is my own domain! The consequences will be OK! Right? Please reassure me. That's what I understand from the discussion so far, but it seems a tad unlikely as a conclusion. Perhaps the following is relevant. Issue - refresh button. There's a lot of discussion above about the 'refresh' button or function, but I don't see any 'refresh' button on Spamcop, and using the browser refresh button doesn't achieve any result. Could someone spell out in simple language what refresh button/function is meant in this context? As much as I try to 'refresh', the "from" field is still superguy[at]wonderfulsite.com Sorry to be obtuse, but I'm just trying to follow the procedures. 50% of all spams that arrive now have cloaked or obfuscated urls