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  1. SpamCop can't seem to deal with this. I never get a submit button.
  2. Done. I'll report back if they say anything.
  3. All it would take is the first. My guess is that Spamcop reconfigs don't happen very often since Spamcop itself seems to be fading away. I mean look at the forum traffic here. The last message prior to mine was maybe 2 months ago? (Not that Spamcop makes it easy to find the forums.) I just tried again and still no email from the mailhost setup. I get spam report reply mails from Spamcop (which of course complain that my mailhost is not properly configured, duh).
  4. I just switched hosting providers which means that all the mail configs need to be updated. However, the test message from SpamCop is not being received. I've checked the logs and don't see any record of an incoming from Spamcop. Maybe this feature is borked?
  5. Interesting logic I guess. But they still never make it onto the SCBL. They are good at the snowshoe tapdance.
  6. Has it accomplished anything other than make it "look like" an ISP might be doing something?
  7. And here's a relatively rare spam that links to a site HOSTED by serverhub. Usually the links go elsewhere.
  8. Thanks for the info on getting the tracking link. I had never noticed the "Parse" link at the top. The FAQ is kind of arcane in many ways. I have dealt with whoever is behind the serverhub spam in the past since I recognize the writing / subject line style and what they usually promote. The spammer is active for anywhere from 1 month to as long as a year, eventually gets shut down, then starts all over again from a new spam-friendly ISP. Serverhub is going on 3 months now I think.
  9. Yeah I didn't save the tracking URLs for those -- so I just went to Recent Reports to snag what I could. Would be nice if SC presented the tracking URL in Recent Reports. Anyway here are two of today's spams by tracking URL. These spams are just goofy with weird keywords. I don't know if they are to get past spam filters or if they are a form of reverse tracking. Report the spam and they know you did because they see what was reported and can track it back to the reporter / recipient. All spam gets copied to spam[at] and knujon.
  10. Well it would seem to me that because serverhub has setup a special abuse address just for Spamcop (spamcop[at] and since they allow this spammer to continue (we get about 10 - 20 per day on one address alone), the special spamcop address is simply being ignored. So assuming there's a special arrangement for between SC and Serverhub to support that address, why does SC continue to do so? All it looks like to me is a way for them to monitor how much spam they can crank out before running afoul of the SCBL. Am I missing something? These are all sample Serverhub spams reported to SC. I don't report every single one I get. <- Black Lotus + Serverhub <- Black Lotus + Serverhub
  11. I'm seeing the same spam here -- singlehop / black lotus. I also saw a crossover spam from that was spamvertising a black lotus site. Right now 75% of my spam is from but they STILL haven't made it to the SpamCop's own RBL. Which is why I'm getting more and more disappointed with SpamCop.
  12. serverhub's IP space is still sending major amounts of spam. Some 60 reports later and they STILL don't even show up on SpamCop's own RBL! I'm really beginning to think SpamCop itself is becoming irrelevant.
  13. I seem to have noticed a drop in the correlation between SC reports and action by ISPs too. One ISP in particular, serverhub, is currently responsible for 1/2 the spam my domain is getting yet, in spite of continued reports to Spamcop, none of the IPs I've reported show on Spamcop's own RBL. EXAMPLE:;run=toolpage# In another thread, I jokingly referred to the abuse address for serverhub (spamcop[at] as really being routed to devnull by serverhub.
  14. My comment was semi-tongue-in-cheek. ;-) I suspect devnulls SpamCop reports. Just in the last hour I got 2 more spams originating from
  15. Not sure why SpamCop doesn't just DevNull everything going to [at] Nothing over the last month has even remotely slowed down the amount of spam I get through them.