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  1. I would say it doesn't match what I see. Betsy is basically saying that the MH training process attempts to merge together paths (servers) identified by other users and related to the mail domain one trains. I believe these "merges" happen inside the trained MH entry. Instead, in my case I see a "Local" MH entry which is different from the one I trained. Besides, domains in "Local" seems not related to any mail domain I know of. Further, there is no ip address defined for this MH entry, which is weird... I sent a message to Don, but didn't yet get a reply. It maybe this MH entry entered somehow in my config and I don't want to worry or bother anybody anymore with this less-than-a-glitch problem. So I'm probably going to remove that MH and turn QR back on. Thank you all anyway, Giampaolo
  2. I couldn't quickly find it in the SC site and in my mail contacts. Anyway, I entered into this forum because the "Edit mailhost configuration" page suggests to ask here (first?). Besides, I see Don is often replying to messages here.
  3. Andrew, I was not adding the "Local" entry in MH. I was adding a completely different one. I saw that entry right after having completed training my MH config for the new entry, but I can't say if it was there before. Also, in the training messages I got back there is nothing pointing to this entry (apart a relay at end, if this is somehow related to the "Local" entry). However, thank you for remembering me the SC service e-mail: I couldn't find it.
  4. I see in my mailhost config the following: Mailhost name: Local Email address: (my own e-mail address) Hosts/Domains: mola.asclme.org fche.csb f5.idiot-dog.com idiot-dog.com Relaying IPs: (empty) Now, I'm pretty sure I never added this mailhost entry. Is this a security issue?