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  1. My spamcop.net account is nothing but spam now and I get the message that my account has been hacked. I've tried to log in to the account, but I'm locked out. I tried resetting my password, which sends a new password to a backup email account, but apparently the hackers can change the reset password before I even use it, because I can't log in with that either. How do I close my account? Is there anyone minding this store?
  2. freewheeling

    Forwards not working

    I've received one forwarded email. The only thing unique about it is that my user name part of the email address is in all caps. I'm guessing the forwarding software is something case sensitive like Linux and there's an error in the coding. Just a guess.
  3. freewheeling

    Forwards not working

    I forwarded my email and responded to the verification, but so far I haven't been getting any email and test messages I sent to my spamcop account have neither bounced nor come through. So forwarding is still not working. I've about lost patience with this. Let's get some feedback about this, or I'm mad enough to join a class action. This is costing me money.
  4. freewheeling

    Forwarding and FAQ update

    Just thought I'd mention, I finally got a delivery notification at the forwarding address, although I didn't notice it until I checked the spam folder. Sort of ironic, I guess. Anyway, I authenticated so assume the forwarding will work now.
  5. I get a message saying it sent a confirmation email to my new forwarding address, but it never gets there. Have tried it a number of times and still no luck. Is this just because the server is flooded at this point and it will work later?
  6. freewheeling

    Forwarding and FAQ update

    I neglected to set a forwarding address or change my IMAP server, and am now getting an invalid certificate. I went to the spamcop.net address and read the note about forwarding, but don't see any form there for entering a forwarding address, and I noticed I can no longer do it on my spamcop webmail account. I tried changing forwarding address in the "Preferences" section of spamcop.net, but it never sent a confirmation email to that address. Have tried it several times. Any suggestions?