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  1. I have done that and contacted the admins but keep getting the above error... I cannot identify whether the error comes from my submissions or my ISP' settings...
  2. What do you suggest then?
  3. Here is a link: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z4247747896ze...102a5bf85e52b2z
  4. Thank you for your suggestion, however i actually did several searches prior to posting my question since i like respecting forum rules. Therefore, the answer i received was: "Source IP not found. Problem: Your email host does not appear to correctly identify the sending IP of the email you receive. Issues thus far seem to be based on the user's hosting ISP changing their servers around, moving to new IP addresses, changing server names, ading new backup systems, etc. In one example, the issues was a mis-configuration of an inserted header line, specifically "the lack of whitespace between the server name and the square brackets around the IP address" None of the above exists, however i decided to try the suggested solution below: Solution: Re-run the MailHost configuration process to add in these new/changed servers/addresses. Veify that the resulting spam parsing results are successful and correct. Problems not "fixed" at this point .. see the first entry for escalation." I re-run it, as i noticed on my first post, however i keep getting the same errors..
  5. Emailed you all the details so please reply back when you got any news. This is the full msg i am getting: Source IP not found. Your email host does not appear to correctly identify the sending IP of the email you receive.
  6. I have registered to spamcop months ago and recently notticed that when i was submitting emails from Outlook through SpamSource, i was always getting Source IP not found error.. For a while i thought it had to do with the emails i report,e however i realized soon that i was actually not reporting anything So i decided to re-register my email from the beginning, received the account configuration email, but when i pasted the data it requested at the mhreturn page i was always gtting "Source IP not found" error and cannot sort out a solution to that! I am sure i am correctly copying the hearers from View/Options menu, and copy/pasting the whole message to the second field of mhreturn page. BUT same error appears all the time.. My email domain is my company's name/domain, which is hosted to an ISP, while the ISP i am using to surf the Internet is a different one.. Has this anything to do with the errors i'm getting ???