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PSBL - Passive Spam Block List

The Passive Spam Block List, or PSBL, uses the Spamikaze software, which works in a really simple way. If one of related spamtraps receives email, the IP address it came from gets listed. After a certain time the IP address times out and is automatically dropped from the list. However, if the IP address belongs to a real mail server, most likely, one of the users of the mail server is going to notice the listing and will remove the mail server from the PSBL. It should be noted that anyone can remove any IP address at any time from this list making it the easiest list to get off of. PSBL also makes available the complete headers and email content of the spam it receives with only the spamtrap address being munged. SpamCop has found it necessary to stop making this information available.
The software is also available to anyone with the desire to set up a similar list at no cost.
Listing information is available at
Please note that there is no relationship between the PSBL and the SpamCopBL other than their independent but common purpose in trying to stop spam from getting into in inboxes of users who have chosen to make use of their services.


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