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Where to get Help

In an attempt to make getting help using SpamCop easier, we have been building and working on various different methods, formats, and interfaces, including the newest, which is this Wiki. The other sources of help are detailed below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) hyperlinked (Original)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) single-page access (much expanded)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Knowledgebase view - (in the process of creation)
Forum (primarily user-to-user support)
Glossary (Spam and SpamCop oriented)
Newsgroup Archive information and links
Current Server
  • SpamCop Newsgroup Archive
  • SpamCop Geeks Newsgroup Archive
  • SpamCop Help Newsgroup Archive
  • SpamCop Mail Newsgroup Archive
  • SpamCop Social Newsgroup Archive
  • Old-SpamCop Archive
  • Old-SpamCop-Geeks Archive
  • Old-SpamCop-Help Archive
  • Old-SpamCop-Mail Archive
  • Old-SpamCop-Social Archive

  • Previous Server (Archiving stopped June 2006)
  • SpamCop newsgroup Archive
  • SpamCop Geeks newsgroup Archive
  • SpamCop Help newsgroup Archive
  • SpamCop Mail newsgroup Archive
  • Newsgroup Server(NNTP) (primarily user-to-user support)
    SpamCop Parsing & Reporting Server Status Statistics
    SpamCop Wiki
    Portal Page entrance to the whole thing!

    The above resources will answer most needs for information and guidance in the SpamCop world. However, for those burning questions which remain, by all means post to the peer-to-peer Forums or Newsgroups (that's what they're for) but please heed the following before you do, to ensure you (and the rest of us) get the maximum benefit.

    Read at least one of these following entries prior to posting your query, complaint, rant, whatever. Failure to note the basic concepts may result in getting an answer that you'd probably rather not see/read!

    1. How-to Post a Question - Short
    2. Forum Use, General Intro - not so short
    3. How To Ask Questions The Smart Way - long/off-site
      • (not affiliated - just a heck of an explanation of the obvious) Note their Disclaimer!!!

    If any/all of this existing pile of resources doesn't resolve the issue, answer the question, make you happy, then there is the option to directly contact the extremely small handfull of overworked SpamCopStaff.

    For an issue with the Parsing & Reporting / Blocking List systems;
    How do I contact a SpamCop Representative?

    For an issue with a SpamCop Filtered E-Mail Account;
    SpamCop Email System Homepage


    New ways to connect with SpamCop as of March 2010
    Kelly Molloy, a member of the SpamCop official staff, has created two new ways to keep in touch with SpamCop by creating two new official social networking sites; one on FaceBook and one on Twitter. It is too early to tell just how affective they may be, but for those of you how would like to give them a try, see the following links:

    The new social networking sites were announced on the SpamCopForum on March 15 and March 17 2010


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