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Found 1 result

  1. lpsears63

    [dot]date Domains Suspended

    *==========* Hi, Hope nobody minds the tags. I've just been waiting all day to share with someone. After my ordeal in Nov. - Dec. 2015 with NGTC my spam count dropped to next to nothing all thru Jan. I thought maybe they washed me from the list. No such luck. At the beginning of Feb. it started up again. Nowhere near the volume I was getting, but it was picking up speed. Never had stopped the reporting though. Now, about half have been coming thru India and the others thru China (just not NGTC ). But, most all of the domains have been registered by Alpnames. Last Friday they sent me an email concerning seven domains they had suspended after my reports. Well, my reports continued thru the weekend without hearing anything else from them. This morning I opened my email to find this: (I hope no one minds I copy and paste here, there are no links) *==========* Thank you for reporting spam activity on: intojamesr.date moneyjacquelinenow.date workalbertbecause.date autumnlarryt.date thanjohnfall.date autumncoffeecaptrainy.date hellsteventhere.date xsomec.date egivep.date takelouissome.date therevincentwork.date intoborutn.date likefrankout.date onlypatriciar.date onlyjohnautumn.date monkeylindacolour.date thenvincentkey.date monkeylindacolour.date workvincentthere.date wellsteveno.date bodyharoldbecause.date takedanielh.date keypatriciamoney.date therestepheninto.date otherbobbyout.date moneyfrankmost.date comechristopherz.date applethomascold.date otherjohnlike.date likefrankthere.date hellborutwork.date moneyjessicacold.date othermichaelcould.date therevincentlike.date bodylindabecause.date thenbobbyfall.date jcolourz.date nmoneyf.date rainyjacquelinetake.date likejuanthen.date aboutdenisehot.date monkeyfrankapple.date afterpatriciaafter.date lookstevenlike.date autumnjackn.date hellvincentother.date nowlarryo.date thenchristianfall.date keystephenmost.date autumnharryother.date nowdenisemoney.date Following the report the domains have been suspended. Regards, Abuse Mitigation Alpnames Limited *==========* YES!!! That is a list of 51 domains, you can count them if you like. It took me most of December to get that many domains off the market. I know, in the grand scheme of things, it still hardly puts a dent in all of spammers out there. It really made my day though. If you've taken the time to read this, I wish you the same pleasure I had when first reading it *==========*