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Found 3 results

  1. I'm just wondering the correct way to forward spam as twice now I have tried to forward phishing spam and both times it has bounced back saying "... encountered errors ... blah, blah, blah ... " - So, I assume I'm doing something wrong and simply forwarding to the spamcop address I was provided when I signed up is incorrect. Therefore, that must mean that I should send the forwarded email as an attachment in some way?? What do I do? copy the headers & body as plain text, save as a text file, then attach the text file to the email? ... if so, that's no forwarding - that's creating a NEW email. Forwarding should be no more complicated then clicking on the Forward option and entering the forwarding address. If someone can clarify the proper method as it seems to be too complicated for me. Thanks
  2. Hello, I randomly get "SpamCop could not find your spam message in this email" - and then the offending email is enclosed, with full headers and body. I am forwarding emails via cPanel. Can you help? Thanks!
  3. Well, here’s a problem. Suppose you want to turn the rather long spam submission procedure into a nice macro, on the Mac. Ok, it’s easy to do the cmd-opt-U and get the whole msg as text, copy that, close the window, delete the spam, and go to, say, Firefox, where the spamcop window is open, and the little box is sitting there. NOW here’s the problem. On the FIRST submission, the box’s top left corner is at coordinates 19, 346, roughly, and the bottom right is at 640 504, more or less. ON THE SECOND SUBMISSION, the box’s top left is at 19 522, and the bottom right is at 640 679. If you use a normal macro, and try to place the mouse in a SINGLE location, given overlapping coordinates, you can see that this is IMPOSSIBLE. The two boxes DO NOT OVERLAP. In addition, although you can enlarge the box, IT DOES NOT STAY ENLARGED, but reverts to the original size and coordinates. Further, THERE IS NO MENU which will enable one to “paste into box” or suchlike to get around this. I would very much appreciate it if you’d do something that would make this type of macro possible. FOR EXAMPLE, putting the text which moves the box down (after the first spam submission) because it’s OVER the box, underneath it, so that instead of the box pushed down by the added text, that text would simply be placed under the box. This would be a quick and easy fix, and keep the location of the box constant, enabling the macro to easily continue over several submissions.