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I think I don't have an email account

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Dear Ma'ams and Sirs,

First I registered with SpamCop to submit spam, and it was good.

Then I sent a donation to SpamCop B), and my loggin procedure changed, subtly. Now, I'm using cookies to complete my spam submission, and my “Welcome Registered User” webpage says, “You have 24.1M bytes available,” but I don’t know what they’re talking about. Does this refer to an email account that was created for me when I sent my donation? I have tried to log in to “my email account,” but there doesn’t seem to be one. At first, I had 25M bytes available, so it's shrinking, whatever it is. What happens when it hits zero, whatever it is?

I don't recall creating an email account. If I don’t have one, then what else can the “24.1M bytes available” refer to?

Thanks much,

-Neil / wb2cir-

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You've signed up for what's known as a "reporting-only" account .. fuel being "data bits processed by the act of parsing and reporting spam" ... SpamCop these days is split into two major sections ... the reporting side run by Julian, the e-mail side run by JT .... So changing the type of account is going to take some work.

1. service at admin.spamcop.net with enough detail, invoice number, etc. so that you can be identified .. and ask for a refund of whatever's left ...

2. try again at signing up, but look a bit closer at the options if a "filtered e-mail" account is what you're looking for .. money goes to another account, on the other side of the US continent. The entry page for the e-mail side of the house is at http://mail.spamcop.net/

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