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Whirlpool Knowledge Base

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For Australians (and others)

No, no, not the whitegoods manufacturer.

Any Aussie on the internet who doesn't know of Whirlpool has led a charmed life (never needing to shop for ISPs, never having to setup or fix a connection or a router, etc.) - or perhaps has actually been deceased for some time. But, for the charmed, or for those from other shores who might find something of use - a wealth of information is presented in the Whirlpool Knowledge Base, particularly aimed at consumer-level issues. The 'technical' side of this includes:

Connections FAQs and info

* ISDN Home Service Guide - Overview of ISDN terminology and guide to ordering an ISDN service.

* ISDN Modems/Routers Guide - Step by step installation and configuration guide for ISDN modems and routers.

Technology FAQs and info


* ADSL Theory - How does ADSL work? What do all the fancy acronyms mean? Plus answers to other questions you were afraid to ask.

* ADSL1 Sync Speeds - A list of ADSL1 Sync Speeds from different people on Telstra DSLAMs.

* ADSL2+ Sync Speeds - A list of ADSL2+ Sync Speeds from different people on various DSLAMs.

* Annex M Results - A list of the speeds people are getting on Annex M connections.

* Australian Exchange Guide v3.0 - An incomplete list of telephone exchanges in Australia, generated by WP users.

* Australian Telecommunications Guide - A guide to the various legislation, codes of conduct and terms under which a residential telephone service is connected.

* Helpful ADSL Links & Info, Churn and Rejection Codes - A list of helpful links and information about various aspects of ADSL.

* RIM and Pair Gain FAQ - Information on RIM and other Pair Gain technologies used throughout the Australian telecommunications network.

* Naked DSL ISP's - List of ISP's that currently offer Naked DSL services

DSL Hardware

* Annex M - Information about Annex M for ADSL 2/2+.

* ADSL Modem and Router Reviews - Reviews of various ADSL Modems and Routers.

* Cheapest Places to Buy Modems - Information about where to look for Cheap Modem prices.

* Cordless Phones and Line Filters - Information about cordless phones and line filters.

* DSL Hardware Companies Owners & Reps List - A list of owners or reps for companies that sell DSL Hardware.

* DSL Modem and Router Guide - All about ADSL routers and modems.

* Port Forwarding Guide - A guide to port forwarding with many common router/modems.

* WAG54G V2 Requests/Issues/Firmware/Bugs - Information about the Linksys WAG54G V2.

Voice over IP

* VoIP FAQ - Info about Voice over IP, how it works, and how to set it up.

* VoIP Providers - List of various VOIP providers.


* Australian Wireless Stores - A list of stores in Australia that sell wireless hardware.

* Network Diagnostic Commands - Common commands for network diagnostics.

* Networking and Wireless Hardware Companies Owners & Reps List - A list of owners or reps for companies that sell Networking and Wireless Hardware.

* SmoothWall 2.0 & BPA Guide - Info about setting up Smoothwall with Bigpond Cable.

* Wireless Community Groups - A list of wireless community groups in Australia.

* Wireless Home Networking FAQ - How to setup a wireless network.

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