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new spam traps :/

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we have dnsbl blocking spam to legitimate addresses on our domain and a large collection of addresses that spammers have concocted which we feed directly to spamcop.

That being said just recently over the last 7 days a number (15 which is quite alot really) of new dud addresses have emerged - mainly they are real addresses on our domain but with words, file name, or numbers added to the start of first part of the address.

Any one else noticed an upturn in new bogus addresses recently?

we have enough spam traps (215+) as it is and submit ~200 to ~800 spam a day to Spamcop..

Nov 3 252

Nov 2 465

Nov 1 538

Oct 31 438

Oct 30 508

Oct 29 529

Oct 28 622

Oct 27 518

Oct 26 457

Oct 25 615

Oct 24 435

Oct 23 396

Oct 22 634

Oct 21 757

Oct 20 582



Oct 10 190

Oct 9 391

Oct 8 479

just wondering if some new list of addresses has been generated and sold/used


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