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Now if I can get it to run automatically, I'll begin to feel I can trust email again, a bit.

I run MailStore automatically from a schedualed task each night.

"C:\MAIL\MailStore Home\Application\MailStoreHome.exe" /portable /c archive --id="1"

I then have a command file I run from time to time (could schedule that as well) to mirror the files to the network.

I have another command file to mirror back to C:\Mail so it can be viewed on any machine/account on my network. Sometimes it is a pain having so many home machines :)

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I don't suppose anyone has come up with a backup solution for Mac OS X other than relying on Time Machine... That's a nice solution for individual file rollback, or even for restoring/migrating a machine, but not ideal for a failsafe email backup I think...

When the outage happened last week it happened that my Mail program was shut down, so I immediately copied ~/Library/Mail/ to another location, and for good measure I also right-clicked that same directory and selected "Compress Mail" which compressed it to Mail.zip in the same location. Just in case. Thankfully, things returned to normal within about a day. But it reminded me... again... that I don't have a very great email backup solution in place.........

So, any Mac OS X email backup solutions people have found?


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