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No reporting addresses found for

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found abuse[at]next-gen.ro at


inetnum: -


descr: SC NextGen Communications SRL

descr: Bucuresti

country: RO

admin-c: NGEN-RIPE

tech-c: NGEN-RIPE


mnt-by: NG-MNT

changed: laurentiu.dinu[at]next-gen.ro 20110607

source: RIPE

person: Network Operation Center

remarks: -------------------------------------

address: SC NextGen Communications SRL

address: Baneasa Business & Technology Park

address: Sos. Bucuresti - Ploiesti nr. 42-44,

address: Cladirea A, Aripa A2, Etaj 2,

address: 013696, Sector 1, Bucuresti

remarks: -------------------------------------

phone: +40-769-080-138

e-mail: abuse[at]next-gen.ro

notify: ripe[at]next-gen.ro

mnt-by: NG-MNT

nic-hdl: NGEN-RIPE

changed: ovidiu.ignat[at]next-gen.ro 20120331

source: RIPE

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