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whois.ripe.net - (nothing found)

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inetnum: -

netname: RZT-TimeWeb

descr: TimeWeb Co. LTD

country: RU

admin-c: RZT1-RIPE

tech-c: RZT1-RIPE


mnt-by: RZT-MNT

mnt-lower: TIMEWEB-MNT

mnt-domains: TIMEWEB-MNT

mnt-routes: TIMEWEB-MNT

mnt-routes: TMWB-NCC-MNT

changed: noc[at]lira-s.ru 20121106

source: RIPE

person: Network Admins RZT-SERVICE

address: 191011 Saint-Petersburg, Russia

address: Lomonosova sq. 1

phone: +78123142643

e-mail: rztncc[at]sysadmins.spb.ru

nic-hdl: RZT1-RIPE

changed: rztncc[at]sysadmins.spb.ru 20060130

mnt-by: RZT-MNT

source: RIPE


descr: TimeWeb Co. LTD

origin: AS9123


changed: noc.lira.s[at]gmail.com 20110408

source: RIPE

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