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Curious about "Visual IP Trace"

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Anyone know whether Visual IP Trace is (1) a legitimate product and (2) better than using online services to locate IP addresses and websites?

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Looks pretty good to me, an all singing and dancing little utility (3.795 Mb installer download) with some nice features once registered with the key supplied, including a module for sending reports to any abuse address found (not tested) for those occasions when a SC report is not appropriate. The abuse report and other reports are all based on browser pages generated with the various details, so a browser like IE with "send page by email" tool would be the simplest implementation of the reporting function.

Promotional of course, looks like a 2009 version of the standard edition being run out (but databases are up-datable over the internet). Time will tell whether or not other amazing offers start arriving from Visualware or from Bits du Jour ...

Installer is given the thumbs up by VirusTotal -


Far simpler free utilities available if all the bells and whistles are not required (some discussed in this forum, others can be found in the List of Lists - http://lists.thedatalist.com/pages/Web_Trace_Tools.htm and elsewhere).

From what I see it looks worthwhile (can't go wrong while it is free), especially so if you have the occasional need for "manual" reports (and if that actually works in the standard edition).

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