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How to anonymous report spam with my name in message subject and body?

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Today I saw in a spamcop parse report, the prefix part of my email address, my name, in the subject line and the first line of the body of a reported spam message.

Any suggestions how I can report that spam and still stay anonymous?

This one time I replaced my name with "<x>" in the email in my inbox file.

Doesn't feel right. Also takes quite an effort to edit, the inbox file is huge for instance, email program needs closing, password .. etc ..

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Hi Zap,

Yes, it is definitely okay to "munge" the headers and body of spam to remove your name/identity wherever it might occur if the parsing process doesn't do it for you. Definitely an effortful business but one member set up a little system to help with it (in a somewhat different circumstance) - see:


Perhaps it is more a matter of thoroughness than of labor saving to use the "ReplaceText.vbs" module, as described.

It may all be just coincidence - you get that if you get enough spam - or, if it becomes a recurrent theme, it might actually be an attempt to link addresses to reporting (probably for "listwashing" purposes) or it might be a simple programmic routine in play to feign familiarity (who could know?). At the end of the day, don't report anything with which you're uneasy. In any event, member md60614's solution in linear posts #10 and #11 (p=83173 and p=83174) in the above topic may give some comfort.


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