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[Resolved] Using postmaster#xserver.co.jp[at]devnull.spamcop.net

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Looks like xserver may be a co-lo customer or something. Per JPNic a slightly less specific contact would be sakura.ne.jp, and the abuse contacts would be jpnic-staff[at]sakura.ad.jp, north-nic[at]sakura.ad.jp, suga-nic[at]sakura.ad.jp, and from abuse.net:

abuse[at]sakura.ne.jp (for sakura.ne.jp)

info[at]sakura.ad.jp (for sakura.ne.jp)

info[at]sakura.ad.jp (for sakura.ne.jp)

support[at]sakura.ad.jp (for sakura.ne.jp)

abuse[at]ntt.net (for sakura.ne.jp)

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