Mailhost Config Error: appears to traverse more than one domain

By TG2 in Mailhost Configuration of your Reporting Account,
Attempting to add an email address to my already large list of mailhosts config, for a domain I'm newly receiving email in. The domain in question is one of the Google Hosted domains (eg, I get email through outlook, but if I did webmail, it would be in a Google Business Gmail window). Is this a case that requires d'Minions? (*not our departed dear Don , but the "minions" he left behind) Host (checking ip) IP not found ; discarded as fake. Sorry, SpamCop has encountered errors: The email sample you submitted for <user> [at] <domain>
appears to traverse more than one domain.
Please ensure that you configure each mailhost individually and in order.

Proceed here:
.. Thanks for looking this over.. -T
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