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I am continuously worried about my spam review posting. Some one created that which we have never ever did from my staff. Which will effect in my business.

Recently someone did on that Glassdoor using our company staff , here is the link : https;\\www,glassdoor,co,uk/Reviews/GB-Car-Deals-Reviews-E1141058.htm

Can you help me mark as spam! and it,s showing in Google top position can you help me to down from first page. which i can't able to got a new costumer's.  

Below the attachment of fake review.





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Jazz, your subject is better posted in the Lounge.

The examples you provided are not related to email or spam and therefore fall under the "all other" cover of the Lounge.

I also edited your post so that search engines, that scan this forum, will not index the examples you provided.  This will also protect other members and visitors from possibly following one of the links to a malicious site.

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jazz25 appears to be the spammer here.  It seems he registered just to post about this review, and trying to get us to flag it.  I don't see how the review is any sort of unsolicited commercial content, therefore it has absolutely nothing to do with spam.  The closest I can link this to spam is jazz25's associating this to his business performance.

I have no experience with GB Car Deals.  I have just as much reason to believe the anonymous reviewer as I do Jazz.  If you can get a sworn affidavit from every current and former employee ensuring that they didn't write this, I'll be happy to do what I can to mark it as fake.

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All spamcop does for us users is to report spam back to the original administrator.  I would tend to agree with InvisiBill.  As for the issue at stake, I cannot click that "flag as inappropriate" button as the entry was not sent to me.  The only person that can morally click the "flag as inappropriate" button is jazz25.

On 8/15/2016 at 8:56 AM, InvisiBill said:

jazz25 appears to be the spammer here.


Edited by gnarlymarley

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