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I report to spamcop and immediately get more spam

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Any ideas on these a-holes sending me this stuff?  It seems that if I leave the "Administrator of network hosting website referenced in spam" checked on, I immediately get more spam from them.  If I uncheck that box and report, it seems to quiet down.  Maybe it is a coincidence and I am paranoid. About a month ago I was flooded with similar spam and I diligently reported within an hour of receiving it. Then it stopped for awhile but now is back with a vengeance. They also put my name and prefix to my email in the subject line or encode it in the body of the email.  I assume they want to know who is reporting it. Anything I should do differently like strip out the subject and/or mime encoding?





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Some admins don't seem to care, and in some cases, reports act as a confirmation that the spammers have targeted a real, working email address.

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