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Hey guys. I am not sure if I am in the right place but I thought I would at least try and know I may receive some good info. I run a company that supplies many products in the biotech industry and in order to bring in new business and sell products I need to solicit companies via email. I am not sending out very large amounts of emails. Maybe 100 per day with files on each. The problem I am having so far with Gmail and Yahoo is I will send out a bunch and solicit these companies and eventually my account just goes dark? I try to send to my other accounts with no luck, but can still receive emails to that account. Can anyone tell me what to do or if there is a email account that I can open that will allow me to send out 100 emails or so a day with out having issues like this? Sometimes I will copy and paste 3-5 contacts in one email with small files attached as well.

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Nobody here is going to tell you how to be a better spammer. spam is about CONSENT not CONTENT and if those recipients have not given their consent (confirmed opt-in) then you have no business sending them email.

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