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Why should i still continue using Spamcop?

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My housepet spammer which spams me with spam containing sexual date invitations from women (which is obviously fake) never stopss no matter how many spamcop reports i make. The IP's involved never shows on Spamcops blacklists despite being blocked by many other blacklists. In all these years Spamcop have been very bad blocking any IP's involved from any spammer i've reported . Why should i pay for a service which doesn't give me a satisfied service? Doing it manually is one thing but how many reports does it have to take until the IP's involved shows up on Spamcops BL?

Regarding the spammer he usually use URL shortening services to hide the real domain, that way Spamcop will never catch the real domain and both domain host and registrar of that domain neglects any responsibility since that domain isn't listed in the spam itself and he can happily continue pestering me and many others with dozens of porn mails per day.

Now can anyone incline me to continue using Spamcop?


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It's entirely up to you.

I've been reporting spam via Spamcop for years. Sometimes the spam stops, sometimes it doesn't.

The primary purpose for which I use Spamcop is to help it gather data for its blacklist (which not every email provider uses). Any reports sent out are a bonus, and if the provider actually actions the reports, even better!

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