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My hosting provider received a complaint

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Hi there,

We are a company that create internet games for other companies (for example Clarins and Moet & Chandon). After subscribing we often send a mail to say thank you for participating. My hosting provider received a complaint from Spamcop. He is now afraid that his IPs will be blocked. But I explained to him that we send through an email delivery service like Sparkpost and Amazon. If someone is going to be black listed it is Sparkpost or Amazon even though I believe that the chance is really small because the people have to check a box for receiving this mail.

My questions :

Was it only 1 complaint my provider received or do they receive for each complaint a mail?

We send with a different domain name and ip address than my clients website. Is the ip of my client website going to be blocked?


Thank you very much for your help.

Kind regards,


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Hi Guido and welcome,

Spamcop blocks nothing - it can't, spamcop merely lists email servers that are sending out spam. SOME server administrators use that list to either reject or quarantine emails. Spamcop does NOT list web-servers (HTTP), only email (SMTP) servers so your host has no need to worry. A copy of complaints is sent to the the administrators of web-servers mentioned in the spam merely as a courtesy.

You should, however, look to a system of confirmed opt-in for your mailing lists.

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