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Works for computer novice

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I am a novice computer user, but I do use it for work. I also have more than one email account. I tend to see a pattern of the type and origination point of certain spam emails and I would just delete like crazy. I started reporting each and everyone to SpamCop and would actually see an increase in spam, making me want to just stop reporting and go back to deleting. However, i kept at it. After about a week or so (I was not formally tracking anything) a HUGE drop in spam occurred. I have no explanation for this (NOVICE - emphasized). I love to guess. I am guessing that though I may not communicate directly with a spammer, they or their host get to see who is creating the spam report and that source gets dumped into the spam pool that seemingly exists out there, hence the initial increase. But I have now gone from about 30-40 spams to maybe 2 or 3 right now. So, further guessing, as servers get blocked they actually do something about it! Plus, perhaps the spammers maintain their own database on who reports them consistently??

I do not care what the reason is, it seems to work. I think that would be a good poll, how many find that reporting and having patience works?




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